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Locations in a new country: Cyprus.
on 8/19/2016 4:04:08 PM
I've recently been to Cyprus Last week, and these are my findings:

Name: Arcade between the "Napolea" Ice cream and "Paladela" restaurant
Type: Arcade
Address: Hotel Avenue, Protaras, Paralimni, Cyprus. Coordinates: 35.012622, 34.055573
Description: A Top secret arcade I found by Surprise, located just near the Fig Tree Bay. All games operate in Euros
Game list:
Hummer Extreme edition: twin
Daytona USA 2 Battle on the edge: twin
Battle Gear 2: Twin
Final Furlong: out of Order
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme
GP500: Deluxe Twin. monitors are average
Time Crisis II: SD twin
Scud Race: Single player
Scud Race Plus: Single player
Mercs: Out of order, Player 1 and 3's Joysticks have been replaced with ashtrays...
Wonder Boy: DX sit down cabinet with Neo Geo controls and a Tekken 4 marquee.

Name: George Zefkas and Sons
Type: Restaurant
Phone:  +35799520003
Address: Fig Tree Bay, Protaras 5296 Cyprus
Description: A family Restaurant just near the Fig Tree bay Beach. Contains cuisine from all kinds. 
Game: Virtua Cop 2: Super Megalo 2 cabnet, Standard CRT Instead of projection CRT inside the projection box

Name: Acropolis Restaurant
Type: Restaurant
Phone: +35723724814
Address: Nissi Avenue, Ayia Napa 5330, Cyprus. Coordinates: 34.988711, 33.984484
Description: A greek restaurant at the Nissi Avenue. the arcade games are located in the restaurant's playground. all games operate on Euros
Downhill Bikers
Motocross Go: twin
Thrill Drive: Twin cabinet
Silent Scope
Arm Champs II : No Sound
Austin Powers Pinball: not well-maintained

Name: Dolfin's Luna Park
Type: FEC
Phone: +35799295100
Address: 43 Arch. Makariou Limanaki,Ayia Napa Harbour, Cyprus. coordinates: 34.982419, 34.001283
Description: A FEC located in the Ayia Napa Harbor, just near the Bulldog Inn Rsetaurant. All games operate on tokens
Aliens Extermination: probably a bootleg machine
Star wars EP 1 Pinball: Color issues on monitor, Not very clean
Rollercoaster Tycoon Pinball: VERY rusty balls, dirty playfield and weak flippers
Indiana Jones (Stern Pinball 2008)
The Flintstones Pinball: Not well-maintained. the Volcano up-kicker coil didn't work when I was there...
The house of the Dead 4: SD upright
Fast and Furious Super Cars: twin
Super Bikes 2: twin
NFS Carbon: twin
Sega Rally 2: twin

Name: Panoramic Sea View Restaurant
Address: Dimitri Liperti, Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Description: A restaurant located just near the Lime Light Taverna.
Game: NBA Fastbreak pinball


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RE: Locations in a new country: Cyprus.
on 8/19/2016 8:51:44 PM
Now if we can find someone to update the offers to help have been ignored...

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Forums   General Discussion  Locations in a new country: Cyprus.
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