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Aurcade golf scoring?
on 7/13/2017 8:46:30 PM
How is Aurcade golf scoring supposed to work?

We were in a tournament -- Game Preserve SOC Week 5 -- last week that scored that way.  But somehow I came in 2nd even though I finished 9th in game (8 of 8 if you take out two guys' scores who did play all the games in the tourney.

I presumed golf gives (if 8 guys playing) 8 pts for 1st, 7 for 2nd, 6 for 3rd, etc.  Scoring that way in Excel spreadsheet, I would've actually gotten 4th of 8 overall.

If scoring by %, I got 2nd.  If scoring by tokens, I got 2nd (tied).

How is golf supposed to work?

And for that matter, what are tokens?



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RE: Aurcade golf scoring?
on 7/13/2017 9:28:12 PM
Okay, I had to dig around to find the tourney link -

There were ten players that entered, two did not play every game, so that leaves eight.

You were ranked 9th or last in Hydro Thunder - so you got one point.
You were ranked 1st on Pac-Land - so that adds eight points.
Pole Position, you were 3rd - so that's six points.
Race Drivin', you were 5th - four points.
Speedway - 5th - four points.

So 23 points total.

Nathan Gomez - ranked 1st overall.

3rd on Hydro Thunder - 6 pts.
4th on Pac-Land  -5 pts.
2nd on Pole Position - 7pts
1st on Race Drivin - 8 pts
2nd on Speedway - 7 pts.

Total - 33 pts.

Will Tervay - ranked 3rd overall.

2nd on Hydro - 7pts
3rd on Pac-land - 6pts
1st on Pole Position - 8pts
2nd on Race Drivin - 7pts
7th on Speedway - 2pts

Total - 30 pts.

Kevin Tooley - 25 pts.
Rich Elder - 20 pts.
Ben Whittington - 23 pts.
Chris Gonzalez - 14 pts.
Max Johnson - 9 pts.

Yeah I'm a bit confused too now.


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RE: Aurcade golf scoring?
on 7/13/2017 9:38:37 PM
On tokens - it's pretty much something to show how active a player and how good a player you are.  In my case I have 2095 tokens overall.  You have 605 overall.  Power ranking at Game Preserve you are 2nd with 7 house highs.

Scoreboard of games tracked on GP --


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RE: Aurcade golf scoring?
on 7/14/2017 12:17:56 AM
Exactly, Crimefighter.  I have the same results in the Excel doc I did.  I should've had 4th, not 2nd.

So something is wrong with the golf scoring or we don't understand it.  Or the arcade fat-fingered the scoring method.


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RE: Aurcade golf scoring?
on 7/17/2017 12:08:23 AM
I need to let Doc and Hernly know about this.  If you look at the final tournament standings, it shows a "%" symbol off to the right, which leads me to believe that even though you set it to "Golf" format scoring, it still defaulted back to Percentage scoring which is how Aurcade tournaments are normally scored.  
Hydro Thunder is one of those games that benefits more from Golf scoring since all of the scores are roughly close to one another.  Other modern racing games can benefit from Golf scoring in a tournament.  

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Forums   General Discussion  Aurcade golf scoring?
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