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Arcade Wars is Back!
Arcade Wars is the first global arcade game high-scoring competition which has players competing against other arcade gamers in a monthly scoring event! Each month a different game is featured, with the TOP 3 scores from each venue averaged as the final score for that arcade location.

For the month of October - the game is....ZERO WING!!!

If your arcade wants to get in on the action - visit the Arcade Wars page at --

Galloping Ghost Arcade #800 Reveal 12/21


The largest arcade in the country in Brookfield, IL will reveal its eight-hundredth video arcade game on Monday, December 21st at 5:00pm. Doc Mack, who has hosted every Monday Mystery Game live-stream since its inception with the introduction of Missing in Action as the first MMG years ago will once again emcee this event. Galloping Ghost celebrated its ten anniversary this past August with the reveal of quite possibly the holiest of grails in Sega's R360.

You can watch the reveal live by going to

#400 - Creature from the Black Lagoon (was moved to Galloping Ghost Pinball)
#500 - Argus (prototype, Mylstar)
#600 - Star Wars Arcade (Sega)
#700 - Inferno (Williams)
#800 - Mad Dog McCree II
Robbie Lakeman does it again! (Part V)
A huge Kongrats to Robbie Lakeman who has once again taken down the Donkey Kong world record with a score of 1,260,700. Way to go Robbie!

Stop the presses!
Wednesday September 18th, 2020, Robbie Lakeman did it again with a score of 1,269,500! Way to go!

3rd update: Well THAT didn't take long! Robbie Lakeman did it yet again with a score of 1,271,100!
How high can YOU try?

4th update: Robbie's world record score is now 1,272,800 as of June 8th, 2021!
Grinkfest 2019
Classic gaming at it's best, games are from the golden era late 70's to early 80's, many rare titles you don't get to see let alone play. This event has 3 tourneys, Main Event around 10-15 games, Bronze Age Challenge - the older the better, and BitKit challenge - 3-5 games that are all conversion kits.
T20 - Annual Arcade Tournament
Join us for Galloping Ghost Arcade's largest annual tournament, which features 20 games in the main tournament and a 5 game side tournament. Players from all over the world make the trip to compete, improve, and most of all enjoy the arcade
and all of its 700+ games.

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