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Grinkfest 5
Grinkfest 5 has come and gone. We had a record turnout this year and people had more fun than ever with the introduction of NATT challenges (don't ask, you just had to have been there to see it). Here are some numbers to chew on.

Total participants: 147 (highest total ever!)
Total tournaments: 6 (I think... 5 at least)
# of scores taken during Grinkfest: 2089

Grinkfest 6 will be slated for the 2nd weekend in October 2018. Mark your calendars!
Galloping Ghost Arcade - Game #600
Monday, June 19th, 2017 at 5pm - Galloping Ghost Arcade will reach an important milestone in unveiling game #600 on the arcade floor. While Funspot currently is considered the largest arcade in the world including redemption games, GGA has the largest collection of non-redemption arcade games in one location. What will game #600 be? You'll have to come to the Galloping Ghost to find out. If you cannot attend, don't worry - tune in to the live stream to find out what the game is, and see the regular arcade goers have first crack at it on Twitch -

After the unveiling, a mini-tournament on this game will ensue with the player achieving the highest score of the night by 2:00am closing time will be recognized as the weekly champion and be one step closer in the chase for the 10x Championship. The 10x Championship is a series of weekly contests on Monday Mystery Games where the first player to win ten high score contests in the series will be presented with the 10x Championship title.

Galloping Ghost in the last few weeks unleashed --

#599 - Granny & the Gators
#598 - Baby Pac-man
#597 - Darius
#596 - Reactor
#595 - Splat!
#594 - Q*Bert's Qubes

Galloping Ghost Arcade
9415 Ogden Ave.
Brookfield, IL 60513

Brofest 3
I want to thank everybody that made it out to Brofest 3! We look forward to doing this again next year!

Here are some numbers.

14 states represented. The only two New England states not represented were Vermont and Delaware.
3 Canadian providences represented.
UK and Portugal represented.

120 registrants total.
1628 scores recorded during Brofest over a 17 hour period. That's one score about every 37 seconds... for seventeen hours straight!

More importantly, everybody had fun. :D If you have never been to Funspot, it really is a great place for a gamer to visit. The best times are the ones shared with friends. We look forward to seeing you guys again next year!

Saying goodbye to Pinball Wizard
On April 30th, 2017, the Pinball Wizard Arcade closed their doors. Just wanted everyone to say they enjoy the over 6 years they have had entertaining customers with pinball and arcade machines of all generations. If you have any stories from Pinball Wizard, feel free to post them in the forums. We have a long time sitting thread from when it first opened located here.

Aurcade On The Rise
Greetings everyone!

There is something very special I wanted to share with the entire Aurcade community. Back in '07 I began this site as 'Arcade Finder', and very quickly it exploded into an amazing database of locations. Allowing you to find where around the globe you could play the classics.

After my visit to Funspot (and the American Classic Arcade Museum) in '07, the site grew into Aurcade. Complete with score tracking and a full tournament system. Not very long after I met Doc Mack as he began to build what is now the amazing Galloping Ghost Arcade. Doc and the GGA crew embraced Aurcade and it's ideals from the very beginning.

Since founding the site all those years ago, the demands on my time have grown exponentially. As a result I've simply not had the time to dedicate to the site as I would like. This site has always been a labor of love, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

With that said, I have some really cool news... I'm turning the reigns of Aurcade over to Doc Mack and the Galloping Ghost Arcade crew. They have a ton of ideas on how to expand the site and its features to provide the Arcade Enthusiast the experience they deserve.

And don't worry... I'm not going anywhere. I'll be around for the long haul to help Doc and crew keep things rolling. I can't wait to see where we go from here!
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