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Member: Clint Wilder (Nashvillan)
Name: Clint Wilder
Title: Admin
Joined: 6/15/2009 8:37:28 PM
Last Activity: 9/22/2020 10:01:25 PM
World Records: 0
Total: 2,242
Average: 28.00

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Game Format Players Score Tokens Rank
Al`s Garage Band Goes On a World Tour Points11,352,463,860412
Armored Car Points135,6704333
Astro Blaster Points113,6103370
Blueprint Points124,1501236
Bosconian Points195,940 2236
Buggy Challenge Points138,3388635
Canyon Bomber Points14293846
Carnival Points125,7301538
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Points1840,760653
Crazy Kong Points177,4002137
Depthcharge Points13,080 17537
Elevator Action Points [ACS]118,1501827
Exerion Points1238,7001810
Flower Points [ACS]164,72017
Food Fight Points [ACS]186,7002885
Gaplus/Galaga 3 Points [ACS]1119,6003423
Grand Champion Points12,126436
Head On Points114,280225
Iron Horse Points148,9001825
Jail Break Points142,000639
Joust 2: Survival Of The Fittest Points126,500331
Jr. Pac-Man Points150,100 3425
Jump Bug Points156,1805837
Kick / Kick Man Points112,750155
Kicker (Shao-lin's Road) Points [ACS]1101,000317
King of Diamonds Points12,0997130
Kozmik Kroozr Points143,400437
Krull Points124,090235
Lazarian Points113,5351430
Life Force Points [ACS]1318,6001921
Lunar Rescue Points110,5701633
Mad Planets Points143,8351872
Make Trax Points119,750112
Metal Slug Points1159,930316
Minefield Points188,3801316
Moon Patrol Points (Championship)158,350 1549
Mr. Do`s Wild Ride Points128,2454440
Night Driver Points11,0051007
Nova 2001 Points1146,7402656
Out Run Points119,741,190148
Pac & Pal Points197,760489
Pandora`s Palace Points174,650839
Pole Position Points (Championship)133,370195199
Pole Position II Points (Fuji - Tournament)146,130387
Pole Position II Points (Seaside)114,280410
Popeye Points157,740 739
Punch-Out!! Points1191,770211
Quantum Points115,920352
Radical Radial Points1103,0001515
Rally-X Points187,6402078
Rush `n Attack Points190,6502553
Smash TV Points11,236,11067
Space Dungeon Points116,7552438
Space Encounters Points118,7283313
Space Fury Points123,8401145
Space Fury Points [ACS]128,5302027
Space Invaders Deluxe Points13,1201150
Space Zap Points1127,7507668
Speed Buggy Points [Off Road]186,330628
Speed Buggy Points [South]128,40033
Star Wars Points[ACS]1948,7552016
Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Points12,239,100302
Stargate Points [ACS]122,5252056
Stocker Points151,61421525
Stratovox Points122,7501826
Super Pac-Man Points - ADS1131,0603819
Tapper Points [ACS]132,450162
The End Points18,000775
Timber Points (1 Player)1128,290737
TX-1 Points1125,60012
Vanguard Points166,8901347
Video Pinball Points1265,6606749
Wacko Points137,1002948
Xevious Points1108,1901319
Zarzon Points115,4602518
Zero Hour Points123,2177816
Hercules Points1127,83093
Joker Poker Points1159,2701034
Pinbot Points18,850,040101
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