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About Us
Aurcade was created to assist the arcade gaming addict in finding the games they want to play. Since then, Aurcade has explaned it's tools to include the Aurcade Tournament System (ATS) and collection tracking. No matter if you are a classic arcade gamer or more modern, you should be able to find it here. The site will grow as it continues to evolve, and we look forward to helping you find the arcades near you!

The Aurcade Staff

David "Auric" Hernly
Founder / CEO
David is a professional programmer and entrepreneur who grew up during the golden age of the arcade. His love for the hobby drove him to create and considers the site a labour of love.

Graham Ogilvie
Head of Officiating
Graham's gaming hobby dates back to 1987 when he first got a Nintendo Entertainment System. Growing up in NYC, Graham frequented local arcades, enjoying titles such as Pole Position, Speed Buggy, Arkanoid, Double Dragon, Altered Beast, and others. Joining Aurcade in 2008 gave Graham the opportunity to combine his interests in gaming competition, web development, and statistics. Since then Graham has worked closely with Aurcade on the new Scoreboard System, reffing and managing tournaments, plus developing new ideas for future projects. As Head of Officiating, Graham helps manage game formats/rules, location entries, and helps drive Aurcade policy.

Clint "Nashvillan" Wilder
Chief Database Administrator
Clint is from Nashville, TN where he still resides today. He is an avid collector of European board games and poker player. Clint first became interested in video games as a child when he played Space Invaders and Asteroids at a local bowling alley. He definitely caught Pac-Man fever when it first came out and still plays it to this day. He owned an Intellivision as a kid and was one of the lucky ones to own a copy of Kool-Aid Man. He has continued to play a wide variety of arcade and pinball games to this day and hopes to compete in arcade or pinball tournaments in the future. A few years ago, Clint discovered there were websites that had database listings of arcades all over the country and thought that it would be neat to contribute to such a list. Shortly thereafter, he received an email saying the listing site was being shut down and all of the information was being transferred to some other site called He checked it out and quickly went to work reporting arcade machines in his local area. Before long, he found himself updating and adding machines and locations from all over the world as popularity of the site grew. What started as just a few thousand games in a couple hundred locations nearly tripled in just two short years. Today he continues to donate his time and effort into maintaining and updating the Aurcade games database.

Arcade Finder Administrators
Clint "Nashvillan" Wilder
    Covers: World, Tennessee
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Doc "Ghostlord" Mack
    Covers: Illinois
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David "Auric" Hernly
    Covers: The World
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Martin "The_Pro" Bedard
    Covers: Canada / North East US / French speaking countries
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Joe "joe43wv" McDonald
    Covers: West Virginia
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F "CKFan" Ochs
    Covers: midwest (MI, IN, IL, etc)
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Graham "graham8bit" Ogilvie
    Covers: Northeast
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Charles "bluerahjah" Gibbs
    Covers: All
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Bill "Billhouse" Holmes
    Covers: Northeast
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Recent Scores
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