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Protohype Tournament
Registration for the 2016 Protohype tournament is under way!
This Aurcade tournament will be held during the California Arcade Expo (or CAX) in Santa Clara, CA on Saturday July 16th. The cost is free when you pre-register or $5 registration fee at the door.

Visit to register!
While at the website, you may go ahead and also pre-order your Tshirts. Even if you know you are unable to attend, you can still show your support by having the shirt shipped to you (within the continental USA).

Game on! SueBlinkyPinkyInky Pac-Man
Interview with Galaxian World Champion, David "CharlieFar" Lyne
Mortal Kombat High Score Competition
Join us for some old fashion Mortal Kombat competition!

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Brofest 2 aftermath
We had such a great time at Brofest. It was the most attended arcade tournament at Funspot in a long long time. On that note, here are the official numbers from the tournament.

There were 25 games in the combined tournaments this year.
There were 155 registrants from 25 states/providences.
96 participated in the Main tournament
65 in the Bronze Age
72 in the Bally/Sente challenge.
A total of 2718 scores were tallied during the event.
Since the tournament lasted 21 hours long, that's 1 score recorded every 28 seconds nonstop.

We look forward to seeing everybody again!

Download the new Galloping Ghost Arcade App!
Available on both iTunes and Google Play stores...

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