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Battle of the Arcades 2019
Battle of the Arcades is an annual team competition that pits arcades from across the world against each other in a two day long competition.

Do to some special scoring needs the scoring is done on another site.

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Arcade Wars - April
For the month of April, the game Galloping Ghost Arcade will be competing on against 1UP Arcade Australia is Fatal Fury for the Neo Geo MVS.

For those of you unfamiliar with Arcade Wars, it's a monthly high score tournament between the players at Galloping Ghost Arcade and the players at 1UP Arcade Australia in Brisbane. Players have until the final day of the month to see who comes out on top.

Good luck to all who participate!
NEW Donkey Kong World Record!
There is a NEW King of Kong, and that man is John McCurdy, who toppled the mark on St. Patrick's Day, 2019. Pending verification by Twin Galaxies, it surpassed the mark set by Robbie Lakeman just one year ago! You can watch the replay of the livestream here -
Arcade Wars! March
The next game in the Arcade Wars battle between America and Australia has been announced - it's the shoot'em up Truxton!

Galloping Ghost Arcade is now up 3-1 in the overall standings, 1UP Arcade Australia in Brisbane, Queensland desperately needs a win after Daniel Saam secured the world record on Samurai Showdown 6 for GGA.

For those unfamiliar with Arcade Wars, players at 1UP Arcade (in Brisbane. Australia) compete against gamers at Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL in a battle to set the highest score on a different game each month.

Anyone can participate, and players have until the end of the month to come into either location and submit their best scores on this game, as usual. We hope to see regulars and newcomers alike come in to attack this game!
New World Record Set on Tapper!
Bill Rosa set a new world record (pending verification) on the Bally Midway classic Tapper in a 24 hour marathon session at Full Blast Arcade in North Ridgeville, OH on February 8th, 2019 with a score of 14,826,200 beating the previous mark set by Lauren Featherstone at Free Play in Arlington, TX on July 25, 2017 of 14,000,600. Rosa's run ended when the tap control jammed and the owner scored a point in the midst of trying to fix it after disconnecting the control panel and flipping it over to un-jam it. With a belief that Twin Galaxies would rule any points score by someone other than the player would invalidate the run, it was decided to stop the game there to verify the board. Congrats William Rosa!

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