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Galaxian world record attempt
on 8/27/2012 5:31:43 PM
Aart van Vliet, the current worldrecord holder of Galaxian, will do an attempt to beat his own high score during Eurocade 2012, the second edition of the European Arcade Collectors Meeting, held in The Netherlands.

We will setup a live videostream through Ustream and we are trying to have one or two Aurcade officials present at the event (fingers crossed) :)

Date and time: saturday 1 september, 12 PM GMT+1

More details will follow.


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RE: Galaxian world record attempt
on 8/28/2012 10:27:44 AM
Go Aart! As a fellow Galaxianist I will be following with interest!


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RE: Galaxian world record attempt
on 8/29/2012 5:10:57 AM
OK, here is the remaining info

Date and time: saturday 1 september, approximately from 12 PM GMT+1

If possible, Aart will do more attempts, so stay tuned to the stream. :)

Links for the videostream: scroll down the page

Ustream has free apps for iOS and Android and of course you can watch from PC and Mac via the browser too.

The "bad" thing is that there is no fixed Internet connection at the location so we will have to use a 3G connection that is specced to 1 Mbps upload speed (probably a theoratical speed), but we will have to do with it.

We will be using a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Source) during this record try because we want to make as sure as we can that we have no spikes or glitches or even power-out (pretty rare here) to kill the try. Of course the battery capacity is limited, but we figured it would be a smart idea.


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RE: Galaxian world record attempt
on 8/30/2012 1:46:34 PM
Yesssss, this is going to be epic !

The live stream that we will be providing of the World Record attempt by Aart van Vliet will be done through

A basic account (which we have) means that ads will be inserted in intervals that will block the stream for the duration of the ad. Of course this SUCKS !

However, if we can collect a total amount of $80 we can take a subscription that will remove the ads !

We already have received a number of donations (one by Aart himself !) and we only still need $55 !

So, if everyone who wants to watch this ad-free makes a small contribution of a couple of bucks, we will be able to provide ad-free streaming !

Click here for the donation page:

Thanks !!!


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RE: Galaxian world record attempt
on 8/30/2012 2:36:49 PM
You can stream from interuption free for free. Just a thought...

Good luck with the WR. To me, one of the truely impressive records in modern classic gaming.


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Forums  Announcements  Galaxian world record attempt
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