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My Two Cents
on 5/1/2013 1:06:00 AM
Since I like to go arcade hopping a lot I use this site for ideas on places to go. Since I like to do search queries a lot I have some thoughts on the reports they give out. I am thinking have a clickable sort button for the search results. Like click the "city" button and have the listings sorted by city A to Z or Z to A on the amount of times you click. I think the same would work for everything else: state, type, game number... Possibly remove the "public" tab. I do not see any listings that are not public.

I see there is a Google Map with all of the locations listed under the "site map". Maybe that can be taken out of "Site Map" and linked onto the locations page as a more interactive way to find arcades. Maybe even do it for the games themselves. Like you are on Tetris' page and you can click the Google map of where they are all located around the world, including having the listings in the search.

I think a real big help would be from adding an "update this location" link on each of the listings. Since the current submit a location link is quite hidden for people that are new to the website that want to improve it.

I also think a public section on each of the listings could be cool. Like where a user could go and post about their experiences at that arcade, positive or negative. Since there are certain locations I have submitted to this site for knowledge purposes, but I would never want someone to waste their time going to that location. I also think having a picture submitted about that location could be cool. Like of the arcade floor area, not really of their logo. So you get a feel for the arcade before you even go to the location.

I hope that didn't sound like I am ripping the site apart. These were just things I was thinking about when I have been using the website and thought they could be cool features to add some day. Thought I would share them with you so you know that someone would be interested in these add ons. ;) Cheers~


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on 5/1/2013 2:48:38 AM


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RE: My Two Cents
on 5/1/2013 3:10:45 AM
Those are great points. No I don't think you are being too harsh with the site. I have proposed many changes to the site myself. Some were considered.

I will say this about leaving comments about locations. I intentionally try my best to leave out opinions about locations even if I know the location is incredibly substandard. From an arcade owner standpoint, he (or she) might not appreciate if we got on here and talked bad about their location. We post the facts as a favor to them so that they get (free) publicity. If a location gets badmouthed, then the owner might just up and say "well, I'm not gonna allow my location to appear on your site anymore", and we don't want that. There are other avenues for expressing opinions. Our job is to show that the location exists and these are the games they have and the condition they are in.

Keep on the lookout for great arcades!


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RE: My Two Cents
on 5/10/2013 2:50:14 AM
I'll add this here since I can't find the right thread for it.
I have noticed that there is an entry for "In The Groove 3". In The Groove 3 was never released from Roxor due to the fact that Konami had sued them for their rights before releasing it. All of these machines are either hacked In The Groove 1, 2, or PC run Stepmania machines with an "In The Groove 3" theme in them. The machine that used to be listed at Bavarian Inn Lodge in Frankenmuth, Michigan had the same hack and was running "Altitude" instead of In The Groove 2, but was officially an In The Groove 2 machine software wise.

I know there are more and more arcades coming out with Stepmania based games like Pinball Pete's in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Their machine is nicknamed "Petemania", however it has the decals of a Japanese theme named "CYBERIASTYLE 6" which is only run on StepMania software. ( )

**Please note, StepMania and In The Groove run off of the same styled engine. Just one is Open Source, StepMania; and one is infringing copyright, In The Groove.

I noticed another thing is that The Wizard of Oz Pinball by Jersey Jack needs a little edit. The release date of that machine was March 2013 instead of 2011.

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