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Change to
on 5/10/2015 2:20:09 PM
In the Account Settings area of the site under Video Streaming and Host you should change to as well as add as a option for hosting. Aurcades site is not that bad but it could use a update to its look who ever made it looks really nice and has some good functionality why not bring that sort of functionality to the forums make it look more updated and appealing such as embedding the most viewed streamers registered on this site on the front page to watch rather then them being a icon on the right site you have to click. Its just a suggestion of course who ever owns this site should probley have a Aurcade twitch channel and stream regularly and link this site in the information section it would help bring in people to the site and get more people involved in this crapmame tourneys not many people know about them. i am not sure how closely related you guys are to the people but i bet some of them would love to join the crapmame tourneys or even  since they love tournaments and that sort of thing maybe some users dont know about this site so maybe get involved there some how as a joint sort of partner ship to promote both sites. In the options why is there no signatures allowed and can you even change your profile picture to show up on the side?


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RE: Change to
on 5/14/2015 7:31:50 PM
Agreed. is dead. Please update this as I have been asked a few times about why it never shows me as streaming on here.

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