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Creating Home Arcade Section
on 3/26/2016 11:45:37 PM
I understand there are restrictions for listing home arcades on this site. It would be nice to open a separate area to allow hobbyist to list their games and use the score system to record top scores on. I understand the verification required to post official scores, but for the average/casual arcade player that has friends over their home arcade - it would be really great to record 'unofficial' scores to track the scores achieved at that home arcade. 

When I have people over for 'gaming nights' I write out top scores on a whiteboard but obviously using this sites score keeping database would be awesome!

I would imagine opening a section like this would bring more home arcade owners to this site!


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RE: Creating Home Arcade Section
on 3/27/2016 11:01:51 PM
Supposedly, there is a website dedicated to just home arcades out there, however you may be right in the fact that they don't include a scoreboard system.

There is a spot on here where users can add arcade machines underneath the tab marked "Collection".  This collection tab I believe also includes the option to add just the PCB boards as well as the entire cabinet.  Unfortunately, games posted there still are not eligible for recording scores.

The big thing missing is the fact that you still need an Aurcade referee to verify scores.  Some folks that have a home arcade are also official referees, or they can call up their buddy down the street who is an Aurcade ref and they can record scores.

Ultimately, the site is dedicated to the preservation of the public arcade.


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RE: Creating Home Arcade Section
on 3/28/2016 9:33:17 PM
Record all your gameplay and be sure to get pics or video of the PCB to show they are the correct settings - if you get a score to submit, may be made eligible once the refs can scrutinize it.

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