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Richie has a new location
on 10/8/2018 9:59:51 AM
Richie's place in Stirling is closed. Not sure who on the website fixes that in the location database.

He's got a new location that's not open yet. It looks promising. I won't say where it is, that's his job to say that when it's ready to open.

It seems to be on a fairly busy road. The layout inside is good. Higher cellings than Flemington and Stirling had. Makes it feel bigger and I think will make it somewhat cooler as hot air will rise.

Right now I counted about 95 games in there. I did not think to make a list, but it's a lot of what was listed on the other list, but more. Although when I was there last only a handful on as they were still working on the electrical. Played some MK and MKII, had a blast playing Circus Charlie (one of my favorites) with Faith, 5 or 6 Donkey Kong machines including a one with some different levels, some shooting games.

I can't wait for Zoo Keeper.

Next time I see Richie I'll make a complete list.

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Forums  Richie Knucklez  Richie has a new location
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