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Easy to beat list ?
on 4/7/2021 9:04:25 PM
According to Matt Walters, he says all 24 of his house highs are "easy to beat".  So out of all these scores, most are rounded up, what do you believe is the most easily beatable score on this list ?

Astro Fighter - 26370
Cyvern - 7.8M
Dodonpachi - 90.8M
DonPachi - 25M
FHMC Qbert - 169K
Galaxian - 137K
Giga Wing - 17.2T
Giga Wing2 - 12.8Q
Gun Frontier - 329K
Metal Black - 548K
Nibbler - 21.3M
Night Driver - 1243
Pole Position - 66K
Qbert Qubes - 2.02M
Raiden Fighters - 22.7M
Ray Storm - 3.9M
Reactor - 59.5K
Tunnel Hunt 84K
Ultra X Weapons - 5.5M
Vs. Castlevania - 4.03M


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RE: Easy to beat list ?
on 4/8/2021 6:45:48 PM
Reactor, Qbert, and Pole Position are beatable scores for sure.  The rest?  Dunno.  Some I know are out of reach, but others I haven't played the game enough to know.

I do know that Night Driver score is near the Aurcade world record.  I personally witnessed a score of 1293 on Night Driver back at the final Grinkfest.


Edit This PostRE: Easy to beat list ?
on 5/30/2021 9:15:55 PM
Shmups with scores that definitely do not qualify as easy to beat:

Cyvern - 7.8M - You'll have to be able to get into the second loop to break this score. It is by no means an easy game, with a medalling system where you have to avoid dropping medals.

Dodonpachi - 90.8M - This is a massive score. To break it requires getting very far into the game (well into loop 2) or learning full stage chaining.

DonPachi - 25M - Chaining on this is even harder than Dodonpachi, and some very competent players have ALL clears of this that don't break 20 mil (there are no loop requirements, you have to clear both loops to truly 1CC it).

Metal Black - 548K - This is enormous. The game is very difficult and to even get to 500,000 requires some serious scoring effort in the form of milking on top of that. Many 1CCs of this don't get to 500,000.

Easier to beat scores:

Giga Wing - 17.2T - This is a fairly trivial score to beat. Even 30 or 50 trillion are relatively low scores in this compared to how much potential there is with good medal collection and milking. Most 1CCs of the game purely on survival start with clear scores at 20 trillion, with most I'm aware of being at least 30 tril and above. With a bit of milking on early bosses (don't die in the middle of the stage as that affects medal value badly), and being able to 1CC the game, this will be no problem to beat, relatively speaking.

Giga Wing 2 - 12.8Q - Get good with triggering volcanon medal rushes and get a 1CC of the game, and this should beat this score. I'm aware of scores that don't even 1CC that beat this in the last 2 stages.

Raiden Fighters - 22.7M - Should be doable if you learn how to max out medal value, even without actually beating the game. Tons of clears of this using either the Slave ship or the Judge spear have over double this as a clear score.

Ray Storm - 3.9M - Not very familiar but from what I know this score should be beatable with an ALL clear or even earlier, there's clears that range from 9 mil to 11 mil I'm aware of.


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RE: Easy to beat list ?
on 5/31/2021 9:37:01 PM
Hey guys! Newbie here. Can anyone tell me how to add a location to the list? Max Retropub is definitely the closest thing to an actual arcade here (drunk people + pinball = ????) and it's not even on the list. Also, seems like this most of this forum is rather... *ahem* stale... What gives? Arcades are definitely dying out but...


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RE: Easy to beat list ?
on 6/1/2021 6:42:56 PM
Simply put, a lot of entries are indeed not updated...because the updating is done by volunteers.  I can update it for you - give me all the pertinent info.

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