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 Pinball  Laserdisc  Redemption  Electro-Mechanical  Rollover
# Name Total Manufacturer Year Links
1.64th Street - A Detective Story 1Jaleco1991Link
2.A. G. Soccer-Ball Pinball1Alvin G.1991Link
3.Acrobat Mission 0UPL1991Link
4.Air Rescue 0Sega1991Link
5.Alpha Mission 2 0SNK1991Link
6.Armed Police Unit Gallop 1Irem1991Link
7.Atomic Punk 1Irem1991Link
8.B.O.T.S.S: Battle of the Solar System 1Jaleco1991Link
9.Bank-It 2Capcom1991
10.Batman (Pinball 1991) Pinball3Data East1991
11.Black Heart 1UPL1991Link
12.Blade Master 2Irem1991Link
13.Bugs Bunnys Birthday Ball Pinball5Williams1991
14.Burning Fight 0SNK1991Link
15.Cactus Jacks Pinball5Gottlieb1991
16.Captain America and the Avengers 27Data East1991Link
17.Captain Commando 6Capcom1991Link
18.Car Hop Pinball1Gottlieb1991Link
19.Caveman Ninja 2Data East1991Link
20.Checkpoint Pinball5Data East1991Link
21.Class of 1812 Pinball6Gottlieb1991
22.Clutch Hitter 3Sega1991Link
23.Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat 1Leland1991Link
24.Desert Assault 3Data East1991Link
25.Detana!! TwinBee 1Konami1991
26.Double Axle 0Taito1991
27.Double Cheese Redemption1Midway1991Link
28.Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp Laserdisc9Leland1991Link
29.Eightman 3SNK1991Link
30.F-15 Strike Eagle 11991Link
31.F1 Exhaust Note 1Sega1991Link
32.Fatal Fury 5SNK1991Link
33.Final Lap 2 6Namco1991Link
34.Ghost Pilots 3SNK1991Link
35.Gilligans Island Pinball8Bally1991Link
36.Golly! Ghost! Redemption2Namco1991Link
37.Gun Force: Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island 4Irem1991Link
38.Hacha Mecha Fighter 1NMK1991Link
39.Hammer Away 1Sega1991
40.Hard Head 2 0SunA1991
41.Harley Davidson Pinball16Bally1991Link
42.Hologram Laserdisc0Sega1991Link
43.Hoops Pinball1Premier / Gottlieb1991Link
44.Hurricane Pinball11Williams1991Link
45.Karate Blazers 1Video System1991Link
46.King of Dragons 2Capcom1991Link
47.King of the Monsters 4SNK1991Link
48.Marble Madness 2 Marble Man (prototype) 0Atari1991Link
49.Metal Black 1Taito1991Link
50.Mutation Nation 6SNK1991Link
51.Ninja Clowns 1Strata1991
52.Ninja Combat 4SNK1991
53.Nintendo Super System 12Nintendo1991Link
54.Off the Wall 1Atari Games/Midway1991Link
55.Party Zone Pinball15Williams1991
56.PuLiRuLa 0Taito1991Link
57.Rad Mobile 4Sega1991Link
58.Rad Rally 1Sega1991Link
59.Rail Chase 1Sega1991Link
60.Rezon 1Taito1991Link
61.Ribbit 1Sega1991Link
62.Road Riot 4WD 9Atari1991Link
63.Robo Army 2SNK1991Link
64.Robocop 2 3Data East1991Link
65.Rohga: Armor Force 1Data East1991Link
66.Rollergames 1Konami1991
67.Sengoku 2SNK1991Link
68.Simpsons, The 164Konami1991Link
69.Slugfest Pinball16Williams1991Link
70.Soccer Brawl 0SNK1991Link
71.Solvalou 1Namco1991Link
72.Spider-Man The Video Game 23Sega1991Link
73.Star Trek (25th Anniversary) Pinball13Data East1991Link
74.StarBlade 3Namco1991Link
75.Steel Gunner 2 7Namco1991Link
76.Steel Talons 6Atari1991Link
77.Street Fighter II: Champion Edition 61Capcom1991Link
78.Street Fighter II: The World Warrior 52Capcom1991Link
79.Strikeforce 1Midway1991Link
80.Sunset Riders 40Konami1991Link
81.Super Baseball 2020 2SNK1991Link
82.Super Castlevania IV 0Konami1991
83.Super High Impact 4Midway1991Link
84.Surf 'n Safari Pinball5Premier / Gottlieb1991Link
85.Tank Force 1Namco1991Link
86.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1991 Pinball) Pinball10Data East1991Link
87.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time  41Konami1991Link
88.Terminator 2: Judgement Day 74Midway1991Link
89.Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Pinball) Pinball54Williams1991Link
90.The Machine: Bride Of Pinbot Pinball32Williams1991Link
91.Three Wonders 2Capcom1991Link
92.Time Traveler Laserdisc5Sega1991Link
93.Title Fight 17Sega1991Link
94.Total Carnage 5Midway1991Link
95.Tumblepop 3Nihon Bussan Co.1991Link
96.Turbo Force 0Video System1991Link
97.Ultraman 1Banpresto1991Link
98.Vendetta 5Konami1991Link
99.Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga Episode III 1Taito1991Link
100.Who Shot Johnny Rock? Laserdisc1American Laser Games1991Link
101.Winning Run '91 1Namco1991Link
102.Wolf Fang 1Data East1991Link
103.WWF WrestleFest 26Technos1991Link
104.Xexex 1Konami1991Link
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