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# Name Total Manufacturer Year Links
1.500 GP 2Namco1998Link
2.Area 51/Maximum Force Duo 46Atari1998Link
3.Armed Police Batrider 08ing/Raizing1998Link
4.Behind Enemy Lines 6Sega1998Link
5.Bio Freaks 2Midway1998Link
6.Blazing Star 14SNK1998Link
7.Breakers Revenge 2Visco Games1998Link
8.California Speed 34Atari1998Link
9.Champion Pub, The Pinball12Bally1998
10.Cool Boarders: Arcade Jam 0Tecmo1998Link
11.Cotton Boomerang - Magical Night Dreams 01998Link
12.Cyber Troopers Virtual On: Oratorio Tanagram 2Sega1998Link
13.Cyvern 1Kaneko1998Link
14.Dark Stalkers 3: Vampire Savior 3Capcom1998
15.Daytona USA 2: Battle On the Edge 39Sega1998
16.Dead Or Alive ++ 0Tecmo1998Link
17.Dynamite Cop 5Sega1998Link
18.Ehrgeiz 3Namco1998Link
19.ESP Ra. De. 2Cave1998
20.Evil Night 4Konami1998Link
21.Fallen Angels 1Psikyo1998Link
22.Fighting Bujutsu 1Konami1998Link
23.Fisherman's Bait: A Bass Challenge 0Konami1998Link
24.Gauntlet Legends 62Atari1998Link
25.Get Bass 2Sega1998Link
26.Godzilla (Pinball) Pinball4Sega1998
27.Golden Tee '98 3Incredible Tech.1998Link
28.Gradius IV Fukkatsu 1Konami1998Link
29.Guardian Storm 01998
30.GuitarFreaks 5Konami1998Link
31.Gunbird 2 2Psikyo1998Link
32.Gunbird 2 (Dreamcast) 1Psikyo1998Link
33.Gunmen Wars 6Namco1998Link
34.Harley Davidson & L.A Riders 88Sega1998Link
35.Hiphopmania Complete Mix 2Konami1998Link
36.House of the Dead 2 125Sega1998Link
37.Hyperdrive 8Midway1998Link
38.JoJo's Venture 3Capcom1998Link
39.King of Fighters '98, The 17SNK1998Link
40.Last Blade 2 4SNK1998Link
41.Le Mans 24 3Sega1998Link
42.Lost in Space Pinball2Sega1998
43.Magical Tetris Challenge 2Capcom1998Link
44.Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes 80Capcom1998Link
45.Metal Slug 2 13SNK1998Link
46.Monster Bash Pinball Pinball30Williams1998Link
47.Motocross Go!!!! 29Namco1998Link
48.Multi Pac 11998Link
49.Neo Geo Cup '98: The Road to the Victory 2SNK1998Link
50.NFL Blitz '99 54Midway1998Link
51.Ocean Hunter, The 30Sega1998Link
52.Play By Play 1Konami1998Link
53.Point Blank 2 25Namco1998
54.Pop'n Music 2Konami1998
55.Psychic Force 2012 1Taito1998Link
56.Puzz Loop 2Mitchell1998Link
57.Puzzle Bobble 4 1Taito1998Link
58.Racing Jam 2Konami1998Link
59.Radiant Silvergun 3Treasure1998Link
60.Radikal Bikers 10Jaleco1998Link
61.Raiden Fighters Jet 9Seibu Kaihatsu1998Link
62.Rapid Fire 3Hanaho1998Link
63.Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers 2SNK1998Link
64.Rival Schools : United By Fate 1Capcom1998Link
65.Samurai Shodown Warriors Rage 1SNK1998Link
66.Screamer Seat of Terror, The Original 11998
67.Sega Bass Fishing 16Sega1998Link
68.Sega Rally 2 Championship 13Sega1998Link
69.Sharpshooter 8P&P Marketing1998Link
70.Shock Troopers 2 - 2nd Squad 4Saurus1998Link
71.Ski Champ 4Sega1998Link
72.Soul Calibur 27Namco1998Link
73.Space Bomber 1Psikyo1998Link
74.Star Wars Trilogy Arcade 172Sega1998Link
75.Street Fighter Alpha 3 13Capcom1998Link
76.Street Fighter EX 2 2Capcom1998Link
77.Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact - Giant Attack 6Capcom1998Link
78.Tech Romancer 2Capcom1998Link
79.Tecmo World Cup 98 0Tecmo1998Link
80.Tenkomori Shooting 0Namco1998Link
81.Teraburst 3Konami1998Link
82.Tetris: The Grand Master 1Arika1998Link
83.Time Crisis II 144Namco1998Link
84.Uo Poko Puzzle 0Cave1998Link
85.Vapor TRX 12Atari Games/Midway1998Link
86.Viper Night Drivin'  Pinball7Sega1998
87.Virtua Striker 2 '98 1Sega1998Link
88.Xtreme Powerboat Racing 1Stricor1998Link
89.Xtreme Rally 1SNK1998Link
90.Zero Point 1Unico Electronics1998Link
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