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 Pinball  Laserdisc  Redemption  Electro-Mechanical  Rollover
# Name Total Manufacturer Year Links
1.Battle Gear 3 11Taito2004Link
2.Beatmania IIDX.11: IIDXRED 2Konami2004Link
3.Capcom Fighting Jam 0Capcom2004Link
4.Chicago 1929 1Sammy2004
5.Club Kart Prize Redemption1Sega2004
6.Cobra the Arcade 0Namco2004Link
7.Daytona USA GTX  22004
8.Defender / Defender II 9Williams2004Link
9.Dirty Pigskin Football 7Sammy2004
10.DrumMania 10th Mix 6Konami2004
11.DrumMania 9th Mix 3Konami2004
12.DrumMania Kids Planet 0Konami2004
13.Elvis Pinball29Stern Pinball2004
14.Fast and the Furious, The 193Raw Thrills2004Link
15.Feeding Frenzy 10Ultracade2004Link
16.Ghost Squad 134Sega2004Link
17.Giga Wing Generations 0Taito2004
18.Golden Tee Fore! 2004 8Incredible Tech.2004Link
19.Guilty Gear Isuka 0Sammy2004Link
20.GuitarFreaks 11th Mix 8Konami2004
21.In the Groove 7Roxor Games2004Link
22.Johnny Nero Action Hero 2I.C.E.2004
23.Johnny Nero: Action Hero (duplicate) 30I.C.E.2004Link
24.King of Fighters, The: NeoWave 7SNK2004
25.Lethal Enforcers 3 7Konami2004
26.Love and Berry Dress Up and Dance! 0Sega2004
27.Madden Football 19Electronic Arts/Global VR2004
28.Megatouch Force 2004 2Merit2004
29.Mushihimesama 1Cave2004Link
30.Ollie King 5Sega2004
31.Out Run 2 SP 23Sega2004
32.P's Attack 1Uniana2004
33.Percussion Master 13IGS2004Link
34.PGA Tour Golf Championship Edition III 15Electronic Arts/Global VR2004
35.Pump It Up Exceed 13Andamiro2004
36.Pump It Up: Exceed 2 11Andamiro2004
37.Puyo Puyo Fever 1Sega2004
38.Ranger Mission 38Sammy2004Link
39.Ring Riders 1Gaelco2004Link
40.Ripley's Believe It or Not Pinball21Stern Pinball2004Link
41.Robotron: 2084 / Joust 11Team Play2004Link
42.Samurai Shodown V Special 2Yuki Enterprise2004Link
43.Silver Strike Bowling 31Incredible Tech.2004Link
44.Street Fighter Anniversary Edition 4Ultracade2004Link
45.Street Fighter II: Anniversary Edition, Hyper 5Capcom2004Link
46.Super Trivia T.V. Redemption272004
47.Taiko no Tatsujin 6 0Namco2004
48.Target: Terror 54Raw Thrills2004Link
49.Target: Terror Gold 48Raw Thrills2004
50.The Rumble Fish 0Sammy2004Link
51.Tux Racer 5Roxor Games2004Link
52.Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 9Namco2004Link