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Midnight Marauders
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A shooter that plays like an electromechanical game of the 1950s, but in fact, does have solid state scoring.

Set your sights on the mother ship and her 24 invading ships. Their mission is to attack and destroy your bases. You must destroy them first!

You can eliminate the aliens by shooting them when they are lit or by shooting their attacking tanks. When the pace becomes too fierce a direct hit on the mother ship will freeze the action temporarily. While the invaders are frozen, you have rapid fire at your disposal and the chance to annihilate all the aliens. In order to survive you must defend your bases! You will receive new bases as you destroy the invaders and accumulate points. Keep the aliens in your sights and take your best shot.


High Scores

Locations Where You Can Play Midnight Marauders
Name City State  
# Name Type Location Public? Links
1. Galloping Ghost Pinball Arcade Brookfield, IL Yes Link
There Are 1 Locations Listed