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Psyvariar 2
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In Psyvariar 2, one player controls one of two mech fighters through five vertically scrolling stages, each of which contains a number of enemies and finishes with a boss. To defeat them, the player can use a regular rapid-fire shot, a more concentrated "rolling shot", or a limited supply of screen-clearing bombs. At the beginning of the game the player can choose between two characters, Kei and Yuhei. Kei plays in a more traditional manner, using a wide shot and normal bomb, while Yuhei has a narrow shot and a bomb which increases the player's Buzz radius.

As the game contains no power-ups, the player must use the level up system to improve their mech. A level gauge is located at the top of the screen, which grants a increased firepower and a short period of invincibility each time it is filled. This can be achieved in two ways: by shooting down enemy craft, or through the bullet-scraping Buzz system. By moving close to enemy fire without getting hit, the player starts a Buzz combo which accumulates with each bullet. Both methods are subject to a multiplier indicated by the colour of the level gauge, which changes according to the enemies destroyed. Kei's has a short invincibility period and her main method of levelling up is destroying enemies, while Yuhei levels up more quickly through Buzz and has a longer invincibility period.

If certain level milestones have been reached by the completion of each stage, the player will be put on the Normal or Hard version of the next stage. Reaching level milestones will also cause the player's mech to transform at the end of a stage, giving a slightly altered appearance and an additional bomb. Additionally, a secret sixth stage is available if the player has reached their final form during the fifth stage.


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