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Biomechanical Toy
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The magic pendulum that animates the toys has been stolen by Scrubby, who had sworn revenge ever since being banished. You are Inguz, and your mission is to blast your way through the various stages, rescue good toys along the way, and make your way to Scrubby's lair to win back the magic pendulum.

As you run and jump through the levels, you blast at the myriad evil toys that confront you, locate the good toys so they can help you, and make your way to the boss and beat it before time runs out.

Checkpoints, indicated by red flags, are located at certain points in the stages. If you lose a life, you will restart at the last checkpoint you reached.

Some locations may require some thinking to negotiate. For example, look for mushrooms and bounce off them to get to high locations.

Your gun has basic firing capability, but it can also use clips that give it either automatic fire or exploding bullets. When you empty a clip, Inguz will take a moment to reload. He can also locate bombs and use them to attack all enemies on screen.

Objects with your face on them (ie chests or balloons) will release goodies if you shoot them. If you encounter a strange yellow face, shoot it and it will release some red balloons. Also, there is an occasional flying hat that will drop goodies if you can shoot it.

Inguz begins each stage and life with 80 health. Any food you find will boost his health rating while getting hit decreases health. Inguz loses a life by running out health, falling off the bottom, or running out of time. Clearing each stage awards bonus points based on time and health.


High Scores
Steven Lucas
Performed at Galloping Ghost Arcade

Locations Where You Can Play Biomechanical Toy
Name City State  
# Name Type Location Public? Links
1. Arcade Levels - Zaragoza Arcade Cuarte de Huerva ( SPAIN ), Yes Link
2. Galloping Ghost Arcade Arcade Brookfield, IL Yes Link
There Are 2 Locations Listed
Recent Scores
Jim Patzer
Jose Velazquez Jr
Jose Velazquez Jr
Catherine Bozzi
Andrew Iwaszko