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Member: Robbie Lakeman (lakeman421)
Name: Robbie Lakeman
Title: Member
Joined: 11/25/2011 9:15:29 AM
Last Activity: 1/24/2018 10:24:06 AM
Has Stream?: Yes | Offline
World Records: 2
Total: 3,301
Average: 28.00

Top 5 Locations
Funspot - also includes ACAM
John's Arcade
Pinball Wizard Arcade (closed)
High Scores Interactive Arcade Museum

Certified Scores
Personal Scores
These scores have been certified by referees.
Game Format Players Score Tokens Rank
Amidar Points123,9901370
Armored Car Points161,5407514
Astro Blaster Points114,6403652
Astro Blaster Points116,1204035
Bad Cats Points1758,130284
Big Guns Points1567,230670
Black Knight 2000 Points1648,490594
Black Rose Points18,561,900298
Blueprint Points124,9501126
Bosconian Points199,630 2334
Buggy Challenge Points136,0618143
Buggy Challenge Points161,2861371
Bugs Bunnys Birthday Ball Points12,320,010578
Carnival Points138,3402113
Champion Pub, The Points14,684,7205194
Cheeky Mouse Points1122,800642
Circus Charlie Points145,560552
Crazy Kong Points1632,8001701
Depthcharge Points12,710 15376
Diner Points11,191,0703131
Doctor Who Points14,798,020197
Donkey Kong Points11,247,7001631
Donkey Kong 3 Points1113,300326
Donkey Kong Junior Remix Points1137,800675
Dr. Dude Points11,443,550475
Eagle Points144,9602610
Eeekk!! Points141,24073
Eight Ball Deluxe Points1186,5304104
Exerion Points1103,500826
F-14 Tomcat Points1487,170678
Firepower Points1149,0001166
Fish Tales Points121,899,2106176
Flintstones, The Points169,989,1301076
Food Fight Points [ACS]189,2002980
Galaga Points [ACS]183,340329
Galaxian Points (Rev A)118,300141
Gaplus/Galaga 3 Points [ACS]170,0002036
Gilligans Island Points14,470,350349
Glob, The Points122,0641889
Head On Points101161
Head On Points18,3801329
Hyper Sports Points139,7002445
Hyper Sports Points130,7901961
Indiana Jones [Stern] Points172,512,6501172
Iron Horse Points173,8002810
Joust 2: Survival Of The Fittest Points126,150332
Jr. Pac-Man Points137,290 2542
Jump Bug Points150,2404534
Kick / Kick Man Points117,420123
Kozmik Kroozr Points154,300533
Lazarian Points113,8001318
Liberator Points113,700167
Life Force Points [ACS]1296,7001824
Looping Points117,5801147
Lunar Rescue Points17,6201146
Mad Planets Points172,9982937
Minefield Points198,3901513
Missile Command Points110,115 173
Moon Patrol Points (Championship)147,540 1265
Motorace USA Points132,900739
Mr. Do`s Wild Ride Points124,4403849
Mr. Do`s Wild Ride Points130,2834734
NBA Fastbreak Points140514
Night Driver Points11,0451015
Nightmare Points123,172123
Nova 2001 Points1312,6605512
Pac & Pal Points148,8002925
Pandora`s Palace Points1114,4701323
Panthera Points1206,8301261
Paperboy Points (Easy Street)127,1522128
Paragon Points187,350456
Pinbot Points1286,7005139
Pole Position Points (Championship)130,410173249
Pole Position Points (Championship)148,100273103
Pole Position II Points (Fuji - Tournament)129,6802424
Popeye Points156,840 742
Popeye Points151,1903511
Pulsar Points19,700646
Qix Points116,950 11100
R-Type Points179,1001254
Rally-X Points156,44013254
Razzmatazz Points13,013,960151
Road Runner Points192,220758
Satan's Hollow Points (3 Bases)112,730 1101
Scorpion Points1705,3501414
Silverball Mania Points1128,040859
Simpsons, The Points11,418,410966
Solar Quest Points120,300553
Space Dungeon Points135,4605115
Space Encounters Points130,837547
Space Fury Points134,0601516
Space Fury Points [ACS]127,7601627
Space Invaders Deluxe Points14,2801423
Speed Buggy Points [North]141,4902916
Star Wars Points[ACS]11,397,979297
Stargate Points132,375128
Stargate Points1189,669,0101747
Stargate Points [ACS]114,1251283
Stargate Points [ACS]130,3502633
Stocker Points152,55920713
Strategy X Points172,468722
Stratovox Points1118,9501241
Super Pac-Man Points1462,9001311
Super Pac-Man Points1141,950542
Teeter Torture Points112,320315
Tetris Points144,005 140
The End Points1161,0201282
The Shadow Points1132,900,660680
The Wiz Points112,2501341
Theatre of Magic Points1253,915,6101189
Tiger Road Points18,750758
Timber Points (1 Player)1121,240634
Tunnel Hunt Points168,0003212
Vanguard Points134,020680
Vector Pong (prototype) Points120221
Video Pinball Points1204,5905291
Wacko Points139,4503042
Whirlwind Points12,380,03019283
Whitewater Points14,307,5501106
Who Dunnit Points1535,948,690862
Xevious Points158,380730
Zarzon Points121,320349
Zero Hour Points139,5391322
Zoo Keeper Points1246,200147
Devils Dare Points1130,920863
Space Shuttle Points1731,6902254
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