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Member: Pete Hahn (HAN)
Name: Pete Hahn
Title: Member
Joined: 12/3/2011 11:12:24 PM
Last Activity: 5/29/2017 1:11:13 AM
Has Stream?: Yes | Offline
World Records: 53
Total: 1,403
Average: 13.00

Top 5 Locations
Galloping Ghost Arcade

Certified Scores
Personal Scores
These scores have been certified by referees.
Game Format Players Score Tokens Rank
1942 Points1697,82027
Alien Vs. Predator Points1309,800418
Aliens Points176,600719
Arkanoid - Revenge Of Doh Points148,740118
Art of Fighting Points1382,730101
Art of Fighting 2 Points1192,560101
Astro Fighter Points18,7803728
Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja Points1999,999161
Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja Points - 2 Players21,244,40001
Blasteroids Points18,770130
Bucky OHare Points111,300417
Captain America and the Avengers Points1862,802191
Captain Commando Points191,550181
Centipede Points122,167178
Circus Points13,500112
Contra Points11,730,200351
Crime City Points11,428,950101
Darius Burst: Another Chronicle EX Original Mode - Points (Single Player)1134,001,600102
Darius Gaiden Points110,654,360151
Devastators Points1293109
DoDonPachi Points15,550,090212
Domino Man Points1600,002235
Double Dragon Points174,770910
Double Dragon (Neo Geo) Points1665,600101
Dragon Saber Points151,0601420
Eightman Points1266,900101
ESWAT: Cyber Police Points12,494,600231
Fallen Angels Points1285,600101
Fantasy Zone Points15,648,280101
Fighters History Dynamite Points1896,300101
Final Fight Points1973,74093
G Darius Points11,900,140617
G. I. Joe Points1644616
Galaga '88 Points1309,44075
Galaxy Fight Universal Warriors Points1452,000101
Gaplus/Galaga 3 Points123,500 578
Ghosts 'n Goblins Points1255,200 138
Ghouls n Ghosts Points1183,600144
Golden Axe: The Duel Points1296,400151
Gradius II Points1516,200251
Gradius III Points1133,08056
Gradius IV Fukkatsu Points1121,50053
Guardians of the Hood Points123,480101
Hang-On Points14,150,480217
Haunted Castle Points113,200114
Ikaruga Points1521,040113
Jackal Points180,300213
Jail Break Points173,7001121
King of Fighters '94, The Points1271,880101
King of Fighters, The: NeoWave Points193,20054
Knights of the Round Points1456,500161
Last Resort Points1406,400101
Life Force Points11,587,300251
Mace : The Dark Age Points14,29874
Mars Matrix Points146,242,260111
Martial Masters Points11,084,20092
Marvel Super Heroes Points12,026,800101
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Points11,844,600101
Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes Points12,119,000101
Mercs Points1999,990171
Metal Black Points1119,900516
Millipede Points [ACS]130,418554
Missing In Action M.I.A. Points1620,280101
Mission Craft Points1216,310710
Moon Shuttle Points138,680101
Mortal Kombat (2011) (CAC) Time17:0842
Mutation Nation Points1355,100111
Nemesis Points1532,500143
Ninja Baseball Batman 2 players - points2187,27001
Ninja Baseball Batman Points1358,910101
P-47 Phantom Fighter Points1353,70043
Pit-Fighter Points1704,610101
Pole Position Points (Championship)143,560236138
Primal Rage Points16,375,900111
Primal Rage II Points11,536,100331
Pulstar Points11,077,290101
R-Type Points1699,8001061
Rush `n Attack Points1586,9801581
Salamander 2 Points1734,700181
Scramble Points1339,620 63
Shadow Dancer Points1774,850201
Shinobi Points1587,790212
Simpsons Bowling, The Points12692823
Simpsons, The Points166413
Sinistar Points1134,240 7026
Splatterhouse Points120,000129
Street Fighter Points1270,400914
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams Points11,423,200101
Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting Points11,420,300191
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Points11,409,20057
Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha Points11,326,600101
Street Fighter: The Movie Points13,824,714101
Super Contra Points110,788,700211
Super Contra Points 2 player co-op2608,88001
Super Muscle Bomber Points112,834,500101
Super Spacefortress Macross Points1433,500431
Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge Points11,285,800101
SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom Time18:04:34101
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Points178612
Tekken 3 Time12:54:10101
Tekken Tag Tournament Time15:55:95101
The End Points116,8001536
Thunder Force AC Points12,314,590131
Time Pilot '84 Points1127,90033
Time Traveler Points192,30017
Track & Field Points [ACS]148,0904969
U.N. Squadron Points11,448,210152
Ultra Street Fighter IV Points11,362,200101
Vampire Savior : The Lord of Vampire Points11,001,400131
Vampire Savior 2 : The Lord of Vampire Points1919,600101
Vendetta Points1184211
VS. Castlevania Points144,688113
Warzard Points1158,500101
World Heroes 2 Points14,097,900101
X Multiply Points15,246,500362
X-Men Points11061117
X-Men vs. Street Fighter Points12,081,700101
X-Men: Children of the Atom Points11,691,900101
Xexex Points - International Version1402,100913
Space Invaders Points1421,3501941
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