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Member: Robert Mruczek (Robert)
Name: Robert Mruczek
Title: Member
Joined: 5/10/2012 1:01:23 AM
Last Activity: 3/28/2015 9:40:02 PM
World Records: 1
Total: 1,844
Average: 31.00

Top 5 Locations
Funspot - also includes ACAM
Richie Knucklez (closed)

Certified Scores
Personal Scores
These scores have been certified by referees.
Game Format Players Score Tokens Rank
Armored Car Points118,7102375
Asteroids Points118,630 153
Astro Invader Points17,040 322
Bagman Points151,440189
Bosconian Points195,490 2239
Buggy Challenge Points141,3589227
Cheeky Mouse Points113,570740
Circus Charlie Points1300,5603217
Clowns Points111,5001112
Cosmic Alien Points1141,840472
Cosmic Alien Points1293,250981
Cosmic Avenger Points115,060 337
Crazy Kong Points1262,2007016
Depthcharge Points14,170 23810
Elevator Action Points148,3002830
Exerion Points1152,6001216
Frenzy Points17,253 124
Galaxy Wars Points15,300227
Head On Points110,0651617
Jump Bug Points1109,40011919
Jump Bug Points1166,6501829
Jungle Hunt Points117,37035
Kicker (Shao-lin's Road) Points1246,300 13
Lady Bug Points129,3301654
Lunar Rescue Points19,7601537
Mr. Do`s Wild Ride Points185,0111332
Nova 2001 Points1113,5402083
Nova 2001 Points1122,3002176
Pandora`s Palace Points11,513,9301851
Paperboy Points (Easy Street)171,717569
Pinbot Points12,902,8605620
Pooyan Points1363,450 284
Robotron: 2084 Points1227,450146
Scramble Points11,147,580 232
Sea Wolf Points16,200 6029
Space Fury Points140,6902015
Space Invaders Points13,680 1043
Space Invaders Deluxe Points14,3601628
Star Wars Points17,021,005851
Star Wars Points[ACS]13,317,642692
Stargate Points [ACS]157,9755011
Stocker Points132,037134116
Super Cobra Points1247,450 1401
The End Points114,1601244
Timber Points (1 Player)188,635569
Wheels Points1850 196
Blasto Points18,420116
Block Hole Points133,590312
Butasan (Japan) Points1158,204310
Calipso Points12,300112
Demoneye-X Points14,73049
Field Goal Points135,90083
Gold Bug Points184,240412
HiGeMaru - Pirate Ship Points1131,30068
Jump Coaster Points124,500312
PuLiRuLa Points128,600311
Safari Points17,40098
Sky Chuter Points11,460712
Space Cruiser Points115,04483
Gorgar Points1244,9805941
Kiss Points1526,0805715
There Are 61 Scores Listed