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Member: Brian Kita (RLKDragon)
Name: Brian Kita
Title: Member
Joined: 12/15/2012 10:15:15 PM
Last Activity: 4/17/2017 10:22:36 PM
World Records: 1
Total: 3,602
Average: 12.00

Top 5 Locations
Galloping Ghost Arcade
Funspot - also includes ACAM
Underground Retrocade

Certified Scores
Personal Scores
These scores have been certified by referees.
Game Format Players Score Tokens Rank
1942 Points1346,050120
1943: The Battle Of Midway Points1870,720 1416
720 Degrees Points176,5001319
A.P.B. Points14,161115
Aero Fighters Points1148,100517
Aero Fighters 2 Points1336,500510
Aero Fighters 3 Points1479,100411
Alcon Points1139,520329
Alien 3: The Gun Points14,681,000127
Alien Vs. Predator Points1356,900219
Aliens Points1116,900815
Altered Beast Points1229,0001716
Area 51 Points181,45079
Arkanoid Points146,220 246
Arkanoid 2 - Revenge Of Doh Points1112,780214
Arm Champs II Points162.776
Armored Car Points118,0802279
Assault Points124,320125
Asteroids Points149,840 122
Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja Points1184,800724
Badlands Points112,02057
Batman (The Arcade) Points181,50335
Battlezone Points117,000163
Berzerk Points [Fast Bullets]17,760 539
Big Guns Points12,354,3502516
Bionic Commando Points1108,35023
Black Knight Points11,491,6603611
Blasted Points1314,0251414
Blazing Star Points1925,520315
Blood Brothers Points115,420119
Bomb Jack Points1444,180116
Bosconian Points173,170 1760
Bosconian Points (Marathon)156,400 427
Breakers Revenge Points1567,40017
Bubbles Points188,720534
Buck Rogers: Planet Of Zoom Points146,02545
Bucky OHare Points137,200144
Buggy Challenge Points121,1254772
Bugs Bunnys Birthday Ball Points15,558,0401138
Bump n Jump Points1123,572721
Burgertime Points17,6001105
Canyon Bomber Points1772697
Capcom vs SNK Points164,80018
Capcom Vs. SNK 2: Mark Of The Millennium 2001 Points1543.270517
Captain Commando Points128,55039
Carn-Evil Points1307,370310
Centipede Points142,031159
Championship Sprint Points110,470810
Chimera Beast Points12,664,050111
Choplifter Points184,600620
Circus Points121,37065
Circus Charlie Points1108,0601137
Cobra Command Points1195,600514
Congo Bongo Points148,2501328
Contra Points1268,700619
Crack Down Points145,5001110
Crazy Kong Points156,4001548
Creature From The Black Lagoon Points1178,781,0405017
Cruis'n World Time11:41:2395
Crystal Castles Points122,988133
Cyvern Points11,892,73058
Dangar UFO Robo Points131,900111
Devastators Points1211920
Dimahoo Points1767,67016
Donkey Kong Points1113,1001679
Donkey Kong 3 Points1130,900428
DonPachi Points ADS12,552,770314
Dragon Saber Points144,4801328
Dungeons & Dragons Points11,754,13049
Elevator Action Points144,1002736
Elevator Action Returns Points1303,400179
ESWAT: Cyber Police Points1699,90088
Extermination Points1132,490319
Eyes Points1139,670147
F-14 Tomcat Points12,825,1503729
F-Zero AX Fastest Time - Mute City - Sonic Oval12:07:035105
Final Fight Points1175,060227
Fix It Felix Jr Points152,4001236
Fix It Felix Jr Points [Flash Version]1405,50035
Flicky Points1301,480114
Food Fight Points [ACS]1147,9005032
Forgotten Worlds Points1139,600115
Frenzy Points18,173 121
FunHouse Points113,864,3902426
G Darius Points12,722,490713
G. I. Joe Points1794817
Galaga Points (5 Ships Only)1136,120156
Gate of Doom Points1129,700514
Ghost Pilots Points1298,60067
Ghosts 'n Goblins Points188,000 720
Ghouls n Ghosts Points121,900115
Giga Wing Points1205,615,218,60018
Golden Axe Points1125.5129
Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder Points159110
Gradius II Points1121,300616
Grand Champion Points113,9202513
Gravitar Points149,900 1813
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Points11,312,00028
Gun Smoke Points1107,650319
Gyruss Points1123,400241
Halleys Comet Points13,001,250112
Hammer Away Points195,45066
Hang-On Points116,327,27092
Harley Davidson & L.A Riders Points13,593,67052
Haunted Castle Points132,800110
Head On Points16,3951147
House of the Dead Points110,200112
Hydro Thunder Time (Greek Isles)11:44:792915
Ikaruga Points1319,330122
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Points (Easy Path, 3 Lives)162,070419
Iron Horse Points1160,600467
Jackal Points182,300215
Jail Break Points167,8001024
Joust Points1114,750 135
Jr. Pac-Man Points135,160 2447
Jr. Pac-Man Turbo Points174,050443
Jump Bug Points128,2503192
Jungle King Points147,020915
Kangaroo Points122,800 1032
Karate Champ Points167,4002823
Karnov Points164,180118
Kick / Kick Man Points114,745144
KLAX Points1287,88049
Knights of the Round Points129,900117
Krull Points1111,1301710
Kung Fu Master Points1323,100469
Last Blade Points1485,00045
Life Force Points1280,000517
Lucky & Wild Points1182,80036
Lunar Lander Points17553021
Lunar Rescue Points14,900784
Mad Planets Points178,1103234
Magic Sword Points1139,377116
Mappy Points1106,580 1726
Mars Matrix Points16,935,926,02015
Mega Force Points1191,900319
Mega Man: The Power Battle Points1705,100164
Mercs Points1129,200313
Metal Black Points1518,810213
Michael Jacksons Moonwalker Points1115,580106
Midnight Resistance Points139,800116
Millionaire Points11,311,99025
Millipede Points [ACS]147,8661051
Missile Command Points111,300 175
Mission Craft Points1239,600118
Monkey Ball Points1693,725243
Monster Bash Points134,3002014
Monte Carlo Points1480263
Moon Patrol Points1106,460 59
Mouse Trap Points1173,900118
Mr. Do! Points153,150159
Nastar Warrior Points149,400312
Nibbler Points1219,270112
Nibbler Points (rev. 6 roms)1165,81016
Night Driver Points11,1101113
Ninja Gaiden Points13,400129
Ninja Warriors, The Points196,20088
Nova 2001 Points148,8809128
Out Run Points130,665,010235
P-47 Phantom Fighter Points1257,00048
Pac-Land Points176,95078
Pac-Man Points [ACS]142,070134
Pandora`s Palace Points164,300857
Pengo Points135,0301465
Pinbot Points14,393,220847
Pitfall II: The Lost Caverns Points1131,28024
Pole Position Points (Championship)164,25037823
Primal Rage II Points1108,10024
Progear Storm of Progia Points12,672,07036
Q*bert Points145,015151
Qix Points112,216 8127
Quantum Points153,0201316
Quartet Points197,300211
R-Type Points1112,4002658
Radical Radial Points1260,450375
Raiden Points1165,590521
Raiden Fighters Points13,184,50028
Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive Points118,773,59067
Rally-X Points163,63015140
Rampage Points133,680 338
Ray Storm Points11,717,15046
Real Ghostbusters, The Points1206,800312
Road Blasters Points1324,5301911
Road Runner Points1237,9001826
Robotron: 2084 Points172,300186
Robotron: 2084 Points [5 Man]1146,575 1638
RockMan 2 The Power Fighters Points1371,10078
Rolling Thunder Points145,980342
Rolling Thunder 2 Points182,77025
Rush `n Attack Points1180,3705018
Rygar - Legendary Warrior Points1198,610112
Salamander 2 Points1119,000415
Sarge Points130,0001418
Satan's Hollow Points (3 Bases)155,120 138
Sega Strike Fighter Points161,54083
SegaSonic The Hedgehog Points11,563152
Shadow Dancer Points1712,750202
Shinobi Points1288,880136
Simpsons Bowling, The Points1300351
Simpsons, The Points111195
Sinistar Points1120,350 6742
Sky Shark Points1107,630121
Smash TV Points1319,610253
Sol Divide Points1265,200820
Solar Assault Points1475,000115
Solar Fox Points146,970322
Space Fury Points122,8801147
Space Invaders Points13,290 954
Space Invaders Deluxe Points12,160884
Space Lords Points156.724
Space Zap Points1169,00011536
Speed Racer Points189,887112
Splatterhouse Points1335,200158
Star Wars Points11,024,4961325
Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Points1157,972829
Star Wars Episode 1 Points185,059,9308221
Star Wars Pinball (1992) Points1194,258,36065
Star Wars Return of the Jedi Points1681,84095
Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Points11,277,6001711
Stargate Points [ACS]112,4501190
Stocker Points144,85618848
Stratovox Points114,2001159
Street Fighter Points1410,0001410
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams Points1436,00037
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Points11,313,800511
Strider Points116,750116
Strider 2 Points188,800116
Strikeforce Points135,30018
Strikers 1945 Plus Points1416,400128
Sunset Riders Points1114,230113
Super Contra Points1147,340121
Super Hang On Points - Beginner Course132,727,910282
Super Pac-Man Points - ADS173,6002242
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Points135,390216
Super Spacefortress Macross Points11,344,1001113
Tapper Points [ACS]177,925323
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989) Points1112411
Tempest Points [Extreme]177,730 1724
Tengai Points1397,600914
Terra Cresta Points147,700320
Tetris (Atari) Points112,923 161
The End Points17,920677
ThunderJaws Points145,8101417
Timber Points (1 Player)1127,820738
Time Pilot Points199,800458
Time Pilot '84 Points150,700217
Time Traveler Points1317,36026
Toki Points198,80036
Toobin Points11,308,4261110
Track & Field Points [ACS]185,44010316
Trog Points13,588,8981615
Tron Points120,889177
Truxton Points1154,29069
Turbo Points139,338 515
Tutankham Points145,240123
Twilight Zone Points1254,435,6501449
Twin Eagle Points1996,900114
U.N. Squadron Points185,330113
Uchuu Daisakusen Chocovader Contactee Points1122.7283
Vendetta Points136216
Video Pinball Points1281,3607140
Vindicators Points121,10069
VS. Castlevania Points1326,66024
Vulgus Points1195,150918
Wacko Points120,0001569
Warlords Points (1 Player)121,625430
Whirlwind Points12,662,18022262
Wild West CowBoys of Moo Mesa Points13,89028
World Rally Points124,16134
X Multiply Points1785,300616
X-Men Points1114312
Xenophobe Points129,355113
Xevious Points1103,4501321
Xexex Points - International Version1880,900203
Zaxxon Points1100,750611
Zed Blade Points11,048,30064
Zombie Raid Points110,870213
Zoo Keeper Points1585,120234
Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle Both difficulties A (Expert)15,28033
Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back_console 16:hardest w/smart bombs & solid walkers, diff:A138615
Blackout Points1423,1101224
Comet Points1637,610717
Eight Ball Points1389,840276
Fire! Points11,951,530817
Flash Points1811,930102
Freddy A Nightmare on Elm Street Points1683,598,240131
Gorgar Points1440,3301065
Johnny Mnemonic Points11,441,464,54047
Operation: Thunder Points124,049,27039
Space Invaders the Pinball Points11,361,550624
Street Fighter II Points174,261,02017
Tales from the Crypt Points1102,391,080318
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