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Member: Steve Wagner (Steve W)
Name: Steve Wagner
Title: Member
Joined: 8/10/2009 9:26:48 PM
Last Activity: 12/12/2018 7:49:20 AM
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World Records: 3
Total: 5,998
Average: 43.00

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Funspot - also includes ACAM
Richie Knucklez (closed)
John's Arcade

Certified Scores
Personal Scores
These scores have been certified by referees.
Game Format Players Score Tokens Rank
1943: The Battle Of Midway Points12,300,520 354
Alpine Ski Points1252,221 962
Amidar Points1124,1506511
Armored Car Points1122,6701493
Astro Blaster Points114,5503653
Berzerk Points [Fast Bullets]155,150 363
Blueprint Points157,700269
Bosconian Points1481,190 1102
Bosconian Points (Marathon)1500,620 281
Buggy Challenge Points148,95410911
Carnival Points123,4201338
Centipede Points1292,833108
Centipede Points [ACS]1243,867214
Challenger Points1347,20011
Circus Charlie Points1484,430504
Cliff Hanger Points [Daphne]1975,00011
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Points1452,6103518
Commando Points12,316,400601
Congo Bongo Points1189,330473
Cosmic Avenger Points127,010 594
Crazy Climber Points1273,950873
Crazy Kong Points1575,6001556
Depthcharge Points12,580 14697
Dig Dug Points11,346,590277
Domino Man Points1118,394518
Donkey Kong Points1486,6006428
Donkey Kong 3 Points11,488,800343
Donkey Kong 3 Points (ACS)1193,300713
Donkey Kong 3 Points - Medium11,156,90063
Donkey Kong Junior Points11,037,700932
Donkey Kong Junior Remix Points1155,100753
Donkey Kong Remix Points169,700319
Double Dragon 2 - The Revenge Points1120,200124
Eagle Points196,580573
Elevator Action Points1127,350602
Elevator Action Points [ACS]1103,4001051
Exerion Points1658,000503
Frogger Points1114,940277
Galaga Points12,608,010422
Galaga Points (5 Ships Only)11,062,180364
Galaga Points [ACS]1744,700244
Galaxian Points (Rev A)1157,620104
Gaplus/Galaga 3 Points1250,200 579
Gaplus/Galaga 3 Points [ACS]1164,9004715
Glob, The Points1109,847884
Gorf Points1242,420 131
Gorf Points - Hard ROM Revision156,61031
Grand Champion Points121,282384
Gyruss Points1661,35097
Head On Points16,7901141
Hunch Back Points1146,98011
Hyper Sports Points197,160598
Ice Cold Beer Points18,840 14
Iron Horse Points1113,100429
Jail Break Points1101,0001513
Journey Points12,031,000162
Joust 2: Survival Of The Fittest Points144,150521
Jr. Pac-Man Points158,630 3919
Jr. Pac-Man Turbo Points1279,7701416
Jump Bug Points1201,1701813
Jungle Hunt Points148,55082
Jungle King Points166,240503
Kangaroo Points1116,000 873
Kick / Kick Man Points126,92016
Kozmik Kroozr Points1133,7001412
Kung Fu Master Points1257,950548
Lady Bug Points1189,030963
Lazarian Points142,680395
Life Force Points [ACS]1292,8001826
Lunar Rescue Points115,8702316
Mad Planets Points1228,949926
Mappy Points1140,210 1812
Marble Madness Points154,6406110
Mario Bros. Points1444,240 404
Mario Bros. Points [ACS]1401,420285
Millipede Points [ACS]1153,3652812
Minefield Points1124,8801911
Missile Command Points129,410 127
Missile Command Points [ACS]158,705111
Monaco GP Points19,9991271
Moon Patrol Points (Championship)1523,720 1333
Mouse Trap Points1226,640112
Mr. Do`s Wild Ride Points150,6157911
Ms. Pac-Man Turbo Points1334,7204217
NBA Fastbreak Points130421
Night Driver Points11,005977
Nova 2001 Points1432,430767
Pac & Pal Points1113,050664
Pandora`s Palace Points1357,540402
Paperboy Points (Easy Street)178,579606
Paperboy Points (Hard Way)1174,49842
Paperboy Points (Middle Road)163,72812
Phoenix Points (Amstar)199,820 292
Phoenix Points [Centuri]1337,404 133
Pit, The Points1109,900767
Pleiades Points1297,76042
Pleiades Points (ACS)1127,350344
Pole Position Points (Championship)165,7503747
Pole Position II Points (Fuji - Tournament)157,770464
Pole Position II Points (Test Track) [ACS]174,030346
Popeye Points172,890 921
Popeye Points152,360369
Qix Points151,804 3344
Rally-X Points1120,1602821
Rescue Points1139,405754
Road Runner Points11,305,680981
Robotron: 2084 Points11,520,400413
Robotron: 2084 Points [5 Man]1340,350 3815
Scramble Points1153,310 38
Sinistar Points1368,525 1952
Smokey Joe Points (Front or Back)133041
Snacks 'n Jaxson Points1227,46511
Snake Pit Points1549,55021
Solar Fox Points1342,330244
Space Dungeon Points173,5251055
Space Encounters Points125,859459
Space Fury Points161,030287
Space Fury Points [ACS]154,820318
Space Invaders Deluxe Points14,1201325
Speed Buggy Points [North]164,000457
Speed Buggy Points [Off Road]181,7905712
Star Castle Points - hard chip124,5901106
Star Wars Points[ACS]11,282,360279
Stargate Points167,175110
Stargate Points [ACS]144,0003817
Stocker Points152,8782088
Strategy X Points (ACS)128,740522
Stratovox Points159,550624
Super Breakout Points12,04463
Super Pac-Man Points1217,150614
Super Pac-Man Points1108,010413
Swimmer Points1150,400201
Tapper Points [ACS]129,025168
Tempest Points [Extreme]194,549 1815
Tetris Points184,339 327
The End Points152,740425
Timber Points (1 Player)1121,120635
Time Pilot Points1406,500137
Track & Field Points [ACS]185,6909114
Trivial Pursuit: Genus I Points1205,000101
Tunnel Hunt Points1128,820603
Turbo Points [ACS]141,260771
Vanguard Points1602,1301053
Venture Points1130,370603
Wacko Points1136,80010511
Xevious Points1205,670259
Zarzon Points147,580772
Zero Hour Points133,3361124
Zoo Keeper Points15,185,000147
Zoo Keeper Points - M.A.M.E14,021,250113
Galaga '90 Points156,070246
Galaga: Legions Points [Adventure Mode]11,122,7601022
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