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Member: Andrew Iwaszko ()
Name: Andrew Iwaszko
Title: Member
Joined: 1/18/2019 6:04:45 PM
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Top 5 Locations
Galloping Ghost Arcade
Underground Retrocade

Certified Scores
Personal Scores
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Game Format Players Score Tokens Rank
1944: The Loop Master Points11,572,12086
64th Street - A Detective Story Points11,078,152101
Act-Fancer : Cybernetick Hyper Weapon Points11,088,86042
Adventures of Robby Roto, The Points1462,380121
Air Duel Points1416,700113
Alex Kidd The Lost Stars with Stella Points1212,31092
Alien Vs. Predator Points11,531,800102
Alligator Hunt Points1876,80033
Altered Beast Points1574,400404
Amidar Points1235,1401582
Anteater Points1228,410322
Arabian Points1153,550111
Arabian Fight Points110,300141
Arena Points1192,240161
Argus Points1415,150171
Armed Police Unit Gallop Points1350,200101
Asterix Points138,200101
Astro Blaster Points168,9501651
Astro Invader Points129,720 144
Astyanax, The Points1185,10082
Atomic RoboKid Points1335,700145
B. Rap Boys Points15,533251
Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja Points1999,999351
Battle Circuit Points13,324,50032
Battletoads Points1155101
Bermuda Triangle Points1323,030221
Berzerk Points [Fast Bullets]123,370 1512
Bio-Ship Paladin Points1619,400151
Black Heart Points1322,600101
Blast Off Points1818,650101
Bloody Wolf Points1208,400101
Blue's Journey Points1161,30062
Blueprint Points1105,450473
Bomb Jack Points1247,20067
Bonanza Bros. Points1486,300131
Boogie Wings The Great Ragtime Show Points1192,27086
Boot Camp Points1118,100183
Bosconian Points (Marathon)1434,360 292
Bubbles Points1356,490182
Bucky OHare Points148,350183
Burning Force Points1269,54092
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Points11,280,000122
Calorie Kun vs Moguranian Points1240,580111
Cannon Spike Points1473,70082
Captain Commando Points193,870102
Carnival Points193,030592
Carrier Air Wing Points1106,450111
Caveman Ninja Points1820,100121
Chameleon Points1203,800101
Chase HQ 2 Points1553,300231
Chelnov Atomic Runner Points1347,350101
Chicken Shift Points162,480261
Chinese Exorcist Points1133,90062
Circus Charlie Points1535,640574
Class of 1981 : Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga Galaga - Points11,219,390101
Class of 1981 : Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga Galaga - Points (Rapid Fire)13,344,200101
Cloak & Dagger Points1370,907101
Cobra Command Points1513,200132
Colony 7 Points1408,750811
Combatribes, The Time Remaining on Clock1201101
Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams Points1592,550101
Crack Down Points194,050243
Crazy Climber 2 Points11134
Crazy Cop Points1442,70052
Crime Fighters Points179201
Crime Patrol Points11,000101
Dead Connection Points1118,340101
Depthcharge Points14,260 2615
Dig Dug Points11,059,3602410
Dig Dug II Points199,10083
Dirty Pigskin Football Points157101
DJ Boy Points1424,100101
Double Dragon Points1127,200215
Double Dragon 2 - The Revenge Points1214,760381
Dynamite Dux Points1616,880101
Elevator Action Points1113,300653
Eliminator Points1370,100101
Enduro Racer Points12,998,788231
Express Raider Points1231,450101
Eyes Points1808,45037
Faster Harder More Challenging Q*bert Points128,550512
Final Blow Points12,124,500111
Final Fight Revenge Points1501,100182
Firefox Points150,99635
Fixeight Points1585,830113
Food Fight Points [ACS]1215,6007212
Frogger Points1436,0201173
Funky Jet Points11,236,700101
Gaia Crusaders Points1779,050101
Gaiapolis Points11,31362
Gaplus/Galaga 3 Points177,600 1936
Got-Ya Points141,11063
Great 1000 Mile Rally Fastest Completion - Brescia Verona152.82101
Growl Points177,70092
Guardians of the Hood Points140,805101
Guerrilla War Points1122,20013
Gun Force: Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island Points1706,50084
Guzzler Points1158,82063
Hacha Mecha Fighter Points13,478,57084
Heated Barrel Points1475,17052
Hole Land Points1389,00062
Hopper Robo Points1557,020221
Hopping Mappy Points135,412101
House of the Dead 2 Points118,780101
House of the Dead 3 Points120,270216
House of the Dead 4 Points1101,32032
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Points (Easy Path, 3 Lives)1384,270241
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Points (Hard Path, 3 Lives)1643,70082
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Points (Medium Path, 3 Lives)1508,320101
Insector X Points1630,70092
J.J. Squawkers Points1177,45026
Jambo! Safari Points1157,795155
Joe & Mac Returns Points11,151,62012
Johnny Nero Action Hero Akimbo/Duel Pistol - Points1185,335142
Journey Points1250,30033
Judge Dredd (Prototype) Points155,658101
Jump Bug Points1221,3602432
Jungle King Points1106,340202
Juno First Points12,977,890441
Kangaroo Points1143,200 623
Karnov Points1999,999201
Kick / Kick Man Points188,40534
Kid Niki Points1220,90012
Knights of the Round Points1160,13072
Kozmik Kroozr Points11,639,700881
Kung Fu Master Points1856,1501211
Lady Bug Points1196,1901073
Lasso Points1521,220162
Lazarian Points175,405783
Legendary Wings Points1301,80083
Lethal Enforcers Points14,263121
Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters Points12,426131
Lunar Rescue Points131,830482
Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold Points115,000101
Mad Motor Points1148,255101
Madden: Season 2 Points114161
Majestic Twelve Points1511,42082
Make Trax Points1290,26032
Mars Points1128,930101
Metamorphic Force Points1238131
Mikie Points1718,300111
Monster Bash Points1158,500931
Moon Cresta Points177,780731
Moon Patrol Points1775,580 392
Moon Shuttle Points141,660141
Munch Mobile Points1124,160191
Mutation Nation Points1411,000131
Mystic Warriors Points1295,30083
Night Slashers Points1352,200112
Ninja Clowns Points1236,050101
Ninja Kids, The Points11,119,20043
Ninja Warriors, The Points1165,960142
Nitroball Points112,269,740101
Nostradamus Points11,054,30097
Oli Boo Chu Points1210,480111
Out Zone Points1666,75055
P.O.W. Prisoners Of War Points179,500101
Pac & Pal Points1104,0804712
Pac-Mania Points1410,32043
Pandora`s Palace Points1256,310314
Pengo Points179,4403125
Penguin Brothers Points1629,430221
Phantasm / Avenging Spirit Points1807,40072
Pig Out Points1316,140111
Pigskin 621 A.D. Points189101
Pit, The Points1177,4001181
Pitfall II: The Lost Caverns Points11,545,310231
Pleiades Points181,21024
Pocket Fighter / Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix Points1945,00087
Polaris Points156,890241
Police Trainer Points - Cumulative129,900124
Police Trainer 2 Points184,372111
Pop Flamer Points1102,50072
Port Man Points1263,060101
Powered Gear Points11,263,200101
Prehistoric Isle in 1930 Points1371,000101
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Points1577,100101
Punisher, The Points13,304,00063
Pyros Points144,78014
Quantum Points1111,260268
Quartet Points1410,00092
Radar Zone Points1403,700101
Rampage Points1212,495 173
Renegade Points1465,700241
Rescue Points1188,2801051
Rezon Points1189,200101
Ribbit Points11,612101
Ring King Cash1$2,437,000991
Risky Challenge - Escape from Dungeons Points1400,850191
Robo Army Points164,100101
Robocop Points1768,900141
Robocop 2 Points13,028,300281
Roc'n Rope Points1247,420111
Roller Jammer Points1425,894221
Saint Dragon Points1436,900101
Savage Quest Points161,965101
Scrambled Egg Points1686,790101
Sea Wolf Points17,800 7515
Section Z Points13,189,170251
Shadow Force Points1206,620101
Simpsons, The Points1289212
Sinistar Points1310,960 1725
Skull Fang Points - CHASE MODE13,106,80045
Sly Spy Points1926,600112
Snacks 'n Jaxson Points158,68033
Snow Bros. Points11,352,000253
Space Firebird Points115,760651
Space Fury Points1101,710493
Space Invaders Points127,560 725
Space Invaders Deluxe Points110,410386
Space Zap Points1240,5001557
Spider-Man The Video Game Points1531,690101
Spinal Breakers Points12,167,950131
Spy Hunter II Points1352,400101
Star Castle Points - easy chip122,790162
Star Jacker Points1210,65164
Starhawk Points139,700131
Steel Gunner Points138,32047
Stocker Points153,5322246
Stratovox Points1157,6001261
Street Fighter V Points1316,440166
Strider 2 Points11119
Stunt Cycle Points127561
Sunset Riders Points1166,27057
Surprise Attack Points1583,790141
Swimmer Points1124,780212
Tank Force Points1742,500221
Tecmo Knight Points1184,800101
Teddy Boy Blues Points11,035,520101
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989) Points1703251
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time Points123563
Tenchi wo Kurau II: Sekiheki no Tatakai Points12,450,000101
Terra Force Points1126,60024
The End Points191,490753
Thunder Cross Points11,623,840101
Tiger Road Points141,190148
Timber Points (1 Player)11,269,835734
Time Pilot Points1342,0001310
Time Pilot '84 Points1253,900113
Toki Points1360,300101
Tough Turf Points19,521,600101
Tranquilizer Gun Points1111,760231
Trojan Points1144,50032
Truxton II Points1213,260147
Turbo Points151,186 661
Turtles Points135,550101
Tutankham Points1174,84042
Two Crude Points1114,760101
U.N. Squadron Points1145,33028
Ultra Toukon Densetsu Points1807,90072
Ultra X Weapons Points13,754,0001510
Undercover Cops Points - Alpha Renewal ver.13,740,36032
Up'n Down Points1157,480261
V V Points1234,11092
Valkyrie no Densetsu / The Legend of Valkyrie Points1252,79032
Vendetta Points19653
Vigilante Points1154,600111
Violent Storm Points12,249,250101
Viper Phase 1 Points11,856,098174
Vritra Hexa Points112,198,01093
Warlords Points (1 Player)1226,000441
Warp Warp Points183,500392
Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey Points- Biggest Spread13101
Wild Western Points1186,800681
Willow Points162,40013
Wizard of Wor Points - 7 Worriors179,300211
Wolf Fang Points1139,48044
Wonderboy Points1398,210117
Wyvern Wings Points1364,50087
X-Men Points11,340401
Xeno Crisis Points185,15025
Xenophobe Points1171,53593
Xevious 3D/G Points1891,63074
Zero Team Points15,870,220122
Zing Zing Zip Points1254,84043
Zoo Keeper Points11,681,050513
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