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Member: Andrew Iwaszko ()
Name: Andrew Iwaszko
Title: Member
Joined: 1/18/2019 6:04:45 PM
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Galloping Ghost Arcade

Certified Scores
Personal Scores
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Game Format Players Score Tokens Rank
Adventures of Robby Roto, The Points1322,53693
Amidar Points1235,1401572
Anteater Points1228,410331
Arabian Points1153,550101
Asterix Points126,000101
Astro Blaster Points168,9501651
Battletoads Points15543
Blast Off Points1704,300101
Bloody Wolf Points1139,00092
Blueprint Points1105,450542
Bosconian Points (Marathon)1434,360 272
Burning Force Points1269,540101
Calorie Kun vs Moguranian Points1136,59072
Cannon Spike Points1473,700101
Captain Commando Points193,870201
Carnival Points193,030542
Caveman Ninja Points1820,100121
Chameleon Points177,40082
Circus Charlie Points1535,640563
Cloak & Dagger Points1370,907101
Cobra Command Points1513,200132
Colony 7 Points1408,750811
Dead Connection Points1118,340101
Depthcharge Points13,990 22711
Dig Dug Points1356,130813
Dig Dug II Points199,10082
Elevator Action Points1113,300633
Eliminator Points1233,300101
Final Blow Points11,778,600101
Frogger Points1436,0201033
Guerilla War Points1122,20013
Hopping Mappy Points135,412101
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Points (Easy Path, 3 Lives)1384,270241
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Points (Hard Path, 3 Lives)1567,63072
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Points (Medium Path, 3 Lives)1437,340101
Journey Points1250,30033
Jungle King Points1106,340192
Kangaroo Points1143,200 623
Kick / Kick Man Points127,86018
Lady Bug Points1131,620718
Lazarian Points175,405783
Lethal Enforcers Points14,263121
Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters Points11,612101
Lunar Rescue Points131,830482
Majestic Twelve Points1511,420101
Make Trax Points1290,26032
Metamorphic Force Points1238131
Mikie Points1718,300111
Monster Bash Points1158,500931
Moon Cresta Points177,780731
Moon Patrol Points1553,270 262
Moon Shuttle Points141,660141
Mystic Warriors Points1295,300122
Ninja Kids, The Points11,119,20043
Oli Boo Chu Points190,58063
Pac-Mania Points1410,32042
Pig Out Points1316,140101
Pitfall II: The Lost Caverns Points11,545,310221
Polaris Points156,890241
Rampage Points1212,495 43
Renegade Points1465,700241
Ribbit Points11,612101
Robo Army Points164,100101
Roc'n Rope Points1247,420111
Simpsons, The Points1289211
Sly Spy Points1926,60092
Space Firebird Points115,760641
Space Fury Points1101,710493
Space Invaders Points127,560 725
Space Invaders Deluxe Points110,410376
Spider-Man The Video Game Points1531,690101
Starhawk Points139,100131
Stocker Points153,5322245
Stratovox Points1157,6001261
Swimmer Points1124,780202
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989) Points1703251
The End Points191,490753
Timber Points (1 Player)11,269,835724
Tranquilizer Gun Points1111,760231
Turbo Points151,186 641
Turtles Points135,550101
Tutankham Points1174,84042
Up'n Down Points1157,480261
Vigilante Points1154,600111
Warlords Points (1 Player)1226,000431
Warp Warp Points183,500821
X-Men Points1320391
Zoo Keeper Points11,681,050513
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