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Member: Jay Stacel (LeCats)
Name: Jay Stacel
Title: Member
Joined: 5/17/2020 4:14:57 AM
Last Activity: 10/20/2021 1:07:12 PM
World Records: 1
Total: 0
Average: 0.00

Top 5 Locations
Galloping Ghost Arcade

Certified Scores
Personal Scores
These scores have been certified by referees.
Game Format Players Score Tokens Rank
1941: Counter Attack Points1666,20017
Alex Kidd The Lost Stars with Stella Points128,06014
Area 51 Points1186,800152
Arkanoid Points154,930 337
Armed Police Batrider Points12,534,85042
Armed Police Unit Gallop Points184,96026
Batsugun Points1508,66036
Battle Circuit Points1282,500417
Bay Route Points121,100111
Bermuda Triangle Points159,470415
Black Tiger Points126,750122
Blast Off Points163,00015
Blood Brothers Points1150,55027
Boot Camp Points137,150615
Carrier Air Wing Points149,050117
Continental Circuit Points1310,19015
Darius Gaiden Points1456,760119
Desert Assault Points129027
DoDonPachi Points11,884,180118
Elevator Action Points127,1501540
Elevator Action II/Returns Points187,600525
Enduro Racer Points11,103,9151311
Escape From The Planet of the Robot Monsters Points171,400410
Final Fight Revenge Points1414,800169
Fixeight Points1366,370712
Forgotten Worlds Points160,800126
Gondomania Points172,850312
Gun Force: Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island Points192,500121
Gunbird 2 Points1163,40029
Heated Barrel Points165,66018
Heavy Barrel Points1127,000210
Hopper Robo Points1103,960410
House of the Dead 3 Points118,940315
Hydro Thunder Time (Greek Isles)11:56:252729
Insector X Points1305,60045
Interstellar Points176,78033
Invasion: The Abductors Points169,515101
J.J. Squawkers Points110,920119
Jambo! Safari Points16,366121
Joe & Mac Returns Points1157,62014
Knights of the Round Points138,160214
Laser Ghost Points1108,30027
Lasso Points1149,820610
Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters Points194455
Metal Slug 6 Points1723,17025
Midnight Resistance Points1113,90018
Mission Craft Points1173,180814
Mushihimesama Points11,253,525111
Nastar Warrior Points141,900214
Ninja Points1266,10034
Nostradamus Points1409,900715
Out Zone Points1386,800311
Penguin Brothers Points161,860216
Pocket Fighter / Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix Points1107,100120
Police Trainer Points - Cumulative112,300513
Port Man Points119,06018
Powered Gear Points1581,00056
Quartet Points1113,70028
Raiden II Points1170,680513
Raiden III Points13,344,97076
Rezon Points149,00047
Risky Challenge - Escape from Dungeons Points153,450315
Samurai Aces Points1262,40054
Sea Wolf Points16,100 5932
Section Z Points1119,730413
Sexy Parodius Points189,400112
Sinistar Points145,985 25151
Smash TV Points1999,160519
Space Zap Points1128,5008175
Splatterhouse Points137,200225
Spy Hunter Points173,910215
Star Wars Return of the Jedi Points138,240112
Steel Gunner Points164,33062
Steel Gunner 2 Points123,66048
Strider 2 Points1255,60016
Strikers 1945 III Points1328,10047
Super DodgeBall Points131,10027
Super Spy Points111,200410
Tank Force Points138,800119
Time Pilot Points1343,700129
Time Pilot '84 Points1139,40057
Tough Turf Points1110,50014
Tricycle San Points1114,320117
Truxton Points141,720218
Truxton II Points169,790314
Twin Cobra Points1190,020522
Vampire Savior 2 : The Lord of Vampire Points110,200110
Victory Road Points199,10026
Violent Storm Points1381,30029
VS. Castlevania Points154,612111
Wonderboy Points166,220225
Xevious 3D/G Points1691,06065
Zero Wing Points1431,600173
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