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Member: Chris Plachy (shagrath)
Name: Chris Plachy
Title: Member
Joined: 2/20/2016 1:12:26 AM
Last Activity: 5/22/2018 5:24:19 AM
World Records: 12
Total: 10
Average: 10.00

Top 5 Locations
Galloping Ghost Arcade
Pixel Blast Arcade
Underground Retrocade

Certified Scores
Personal Scores
These scores have been certified by referees.
Game Format Players Score Tokens Rank
Arena Points1185,850151
Asteroids Points143,990 122
Asteroids Deluxe Points141,340 326
Astro Blaster Points116,5004032
Bank Panic Points1270,5503122
Berzerk Points [Fast Bullets]112,390 825
Blade Master Points1357,50082
Blazing Star Points1839,860215
Blueprint Points159,300267
Bonks Adventure Arcade Version Points14,330,72043
Bosconian Points (Marathon)1138,230 79
Bubbles Points1122,210514
Bump n Jump Points174,032434
Carn-Evil Points11,273,890231
Centipede Points145,881148
Chase HQ Points1742,470315
Columns Points1308,14132
Crash Points1782,1501041
Crazy Climber Points1303,950952
Crazy Climber 2 Points1306,100101
Crystal of Kings Points1152,700610
Dead Connection Points187,20093
Donkey Kong Points190,5001281
Donkey Kong Points - Hard Roms172,700319
Dragon Spirit Points161,550217
Dragon's Lair Points - 3 lives1202,538298
Dungeons & Dragons: Tower Of Doom Points157,793101
Eightman Points1279,000171
Escape From The Planet of the Robot Monsters Points183,80048
Fast Freddie Points157,46027
First Funky Fighter Points140,61082
Fix It Felix Jr Points149,800828
Flicky Points1302,410113
Frenzy Points1134,526 25
Frogger Points113,440369
Frogger Points (3-man)111,52047
Galaga Points198,000228
Galaga Points (5 Ships Only)1123,740450
Galaxian Points (Rev B)123,330411
Ghosts 'n Goblins Points1220,500 1310
Golden Axe Points1336.5321
Gunbird Points1419,90093
Ikari Warriors Points1107,400119
Jungle King Points163,500473
Juno First Points1265,61076
King of Fighters '94, The Points181,16035
King of Fighters '98, The Points1149,00043
King of Fighters XIII, The Points15,739,250101
Kozmik Kroozr Points19,400180
Lunar Rescue Points19,6301436
Mach Breakers - Numan Athletics 2 Points14272
Marble Madness Points124,9001338
Metal Slug 3 Points11,972,99042
Metal Slug 4 Points12,093,300101
Metal Slug 5 Points11,067,710101
Metal Slug 6 Points14,069,240101
Metal Slug X Points12,624,20054
Missile Command Points113,595 159
Mission Craft Points1618,740231
Mortal Kombat Points119,547,500241
Mortal Kombat 4 Time17:14.79101
Mortal Kombat II Fastest Time17:40102
Mortal Kombat II Points114101
Ms. Pac-Man Turbo Points1130,9001666
Mystic Warriors Points1180,01053
New Zealand Story, The Points1271,31083
Paperboy Points (Easy Street)117,713315
Piranha Points124,66058
Polaris Points122,210910
Puzzle Bobble Points11,623,62016
Q*bert Points112,430165
Q*bert's Qubes Points - Hard Difficulty168,370415
Rabbit Punch Points11,473,200111
Rambo III Points13,221,800146
Rampage World Tour Points1236,50044
Reactor Points144,837183
Rolling Thunder Points1110,580611
Satan's Hollow Points (3 Bases)1143,800 316
Sinistar Points1133,580 7128
Skycurser Points - Revision 4132,68314
Spectre Files - Deathstalker Points (Development build)112,26627
Splatterhouse Points1263,900136
Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator Points1249,40056
Super Muscle Bomber Points1330,400113
Tapper Points [ACS]1119,00056
tHiEF Points169,75049
Timber Points (1 Player)1523,635264
TNK III Points155,18027
Total Carnage Points166,886612
Tunnel Hunt Points141,9201940
Twinklestar Sprites Points1814,07075
Two Tigers Points1185,200316
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Time18:01.5693
Vampire Savior : The Lord of Vampire Points1785,900122
Vampire Savior 2 : The Lord of Vampire Points1392,00044
Venture Points133,7202028
Wacko Points159,0504222
Baby Pac-Man Points1150,910 1520
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