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Member: Matt Rocco (Mattrocco)
Name: Matt Rocco
Title: Member
Joined: 2/10/2011 4:13:43 PM
Last Activity: 1/6/2013 7:49:32 PM
World Records: 10
Total: 2,740
Average: 11.00

Top 5 Locations
Galloping Ghost Arcade
Pixel Blast Arcade
Underground Retrocade

Certified Scores
Personal Scores
These scores have been certified by referees.
Game Format Players Score Tokens Rank
1942 Points11,423,56054
1943: The Battle Of Midway Points1854,300 1216
19XX: The War Against Destiny Points11,078,60039
Aero Fighters Points1426,000114
Aero Fighters 2 Points1577,80086
Aero Fighters 3 Points11,303,200103
After Burner II Points13,211,920179
Air Buster Points1488,75055
Alcon Points1287,990510
Alien 3: The Gun Points15,461,000151
Alien Vs. Predator Points1369,600412
Aliens Points1192,400177
Altered Beast Points1468,600252
Aqua Jack Points1138,25073
Area 51 Points1140,95093
Assault Points174,85049
Asteroids Points19,810 175
Astro Fighter Points115,7506614
Atomic Punk 2 Global Quest Points1374,90075
Batman Points1241,54972
Battlezone Points140,000223
Beach Head 2000 Points1168,22683
Bermuda Triangle Points1181,370103
Berzerk Points [Fast Bullets]18,010 533
Bionic Commando Points160,96076
Black Knight Points1492,5301123
Black Tiger Points134,750111
Blasted Points1371,125178
Blasteroids Points1207,670613
Blood Brothers Points1659,91052
Bosconian Points (Marathon)1293,790 153
Bubbles Points199,950420
Buck Rogers: Planet Of Zoom Points117,333311
Bucky OHare Points121,350710
Bump n Jump Points165,320333
Burning Fight Points170,85072
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Points1479,90056
Captain America and the Avengers Points1176,30144
Carrier Air Wing Points1589,660101
Centipede Points171,158229
Championship Sprint Points14,810415
Choplifter Points148,950419
Cobra Command Points1397,75095
Commando Points1347,700179
Contra Points1209,100423
Crack Down Points138,1001013
Crater Raider Points158,45087
Crime City Points1208,80012
Crime Fighters Points14565
Dangar UFO Robo Points1256,60083
Devastators Points1679242
Dig Dug Points1132,410226
Discs of Tron Points120,000822
DJ Boy Points1275,10072
DoDonPachi Points116,374,63046
Dodonpachi Daioujou Points16,966,74024
Dodonpachi II - Bee Storm Points189,867,70014
Donkey Kong 3 Points1563,300126
DonPachi Points14,435,77063
Dragon Ball Z Points1145,70062
Dragon Saber Points171,5302012
Dragon Spirit Points1139,17065
Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara Points1111,68753
Dungeons & Dragons: Tower Of Doom Points151,127101
Dynamite Duke Points1236,62063
Elevator Action Points1112,950572
Elevator Action II/Returns Points1637,300411
Escape From The Planet of the Robot Monsters Points1240,600111
ESWAT: Cyber Police Points12,475,800232
Extermination Points1127,890320
Fix It Felix Jr Points151,700721
Food Fight Points [ACS]1112,5003763
Forgotten Worlds Points1181,20018
Frenzy Points1123,739 26
Frogger Points111,960381
FunHouse Points11,637,5903127
G Darius Points17,897,620242
G. I. Joe Points12,637242
G. I. Joe Points 2 player co-op22,59601
Galaga Points1268,180112
Galaga Points (5 Ships Only)1211,150627
Galaga '88 Points1432,420122
Galaxian Points (Rev B)157,90094
Gaplus/Galaga 3 Points1199,000 4510
Gauntlet Points141,84022
Ghost Pilots Points1667,100122
Ghosts 'n Goblins Points135,100 241
Ghouls n Ghosts Points15,500124
Gladiator Points1352,00052
Golden Axe Points1104.01013
Golden Axe Points - 2 player214602
Gondomania Points1363,350141
Gorf Points [6 Bases]147,860510
Gradius II Points1196,00096
Gravitar Points16,800 238
Gun Smoke Points1481,950112
Gyruss Points1743,850126
Halleys Comet Points12,474,64083
Hammer Away Points160,60038
Hang-On Points17,773,630411
Heavy Barrel Points1484,50063
Ikari Warriors Points1270,400262
Ikaruga Points12,723,92066
In The Hunt Points1299,10092
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Points (Easy Path, 3 Lives)193,17088
Jackal Points1375,100103
Joust 2: Survival Of The Fittest Points1398,600457
Jr. Pac-Man Points152,430 4022
Kick / Kick Man Points111,930156
KLAX Points1242,175311
Knights of the Round Points198,63034
Krull Points198,650913
Kung Fu Master Points1134,1002814
Lethal Enforcers Points157028
Life Force Points1585,30095
Lock On Points134,420216
Lucky & Wild Points1224,78035
Lunar Lander Points125146
Mad Planets Points183,6942726
Magic Sword Points1689,43134
Magician Lord Points194,58062
Mappy Points194,640 1227
Mars Matrix Points11,189,605,54018
Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes Points11,540,10073
Mega Force Points1563,50055
Mercs Points1886,650156
Metal Black Points1176,670811
Metal Slug Points1257,30059
Metal Slug 4 Points1802,15042
Metal Slug 5 Points11,028,610101
Metal Slug X Points11,571,38036
Michael Jacksons Moonwalker Points138,950314
Millionaire Points13,483,89054
Millipede Points [ACS]145,593847
Mission Craft Points1577,330203
Monkey Ball Points147,860221
Monster Bash Points123,1001018
Moon Patrol Points183,890 313
Mouse Trap Points1381,950307
Mr. Do! Points1392,500213
Ms. Pac-Man Turbo Points1310,9303719
NAM 1975 Points1264,50063
Nastar Warrior Points151,40048
Ninja Warriors, The Points1143,410142
Operation Wolf Points195,85084
Out Run Points15,389,850321
Outfoxies, The Points17,058,00073
P-47 Phantom Fighter Points1616,30082
Pac-Man Points139,300101
Pengo Points14,920188
Phoenix Points (Amstar)113,000 423
Phoenix Points [Centuri]17,520 119
Pinbot Points13,231,2606113
Pitfall II: The Lost Caverns Points18,130119
Pole Position Points (Championship)121,150116276
Popeye Points187,170 1015
Primal Rage Points1106,00017
Primal Rage II Points158,500112
R-Type Points1128,7002035
Radiant Silvergun Points11,121,30014
Raiden Points1558,070113
Raiden Fighters Points12,554,39027
Rally-X Points147,7809384
Rambo III Points13,744,50072
Ray Storm Points12,731,150102
Real Ghostbusters, The Points1524,150105
Revolution X Points12,319,000101
Road Blasters Points1502,320307
Robocop Points1409,80062
Robotron: 2084 Points1148,725144
Rolling Thunder Points1438,380172
Rolling Thunder 2 Points1357,580101
Rush `n Attack Points1507,4301373
Sarge Points162,746264
Satan's Hollow Points (3 Bases)1186,675 39
Sengoku Points134,800101
Shadow Dancer Points1509,750133
Shinobi Points1129,86058
Shock Troopers 2 - 2nd Squad Points12,306,21055
Silk Worm Points1380,70053
Simpsons Bowling, The Points12272430
Sinistar Points162,875 33112
Sky Shark Points1411,79038
Sly Spy Points1206,500101
Smash TV Points15,657,830273
Sol Divide Points1848,400252
Solar Fox Points140,360325
Splatterhouse Points127,600126
Star Castle Points - easy chip14,880317
Star Wars Points1859,674930
Star Wars Return of the Jedi Points1742,94082
Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Points1323,200418
Stratovox Points113,7501460
Street Fighter Points1258,900916
Strikers 1945 Plus Points1430,900117
Sunset Riders Points1227,39074
Super Cobra Points151,680 228
Super Hang On Points - Beginner Course16,335,670414
Super Pac-Man Points1131,3003516
Super Spacefortress Macross Points13,084,600323
Super Spy Points112,00044
Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge Points199,70016
Superman Points1317,90043
Survival Arts Points1847,60033
Tapper Points [ACS]199,500410
Tengai Points1452,4001210
Terminator 2: Judgement Day Points1827,700101
Terra Cresta Points1177,300217
tHiEF Points149,000316
Thunder Blade Points12,433,47083
Thunder Force AC Points1511,18034
ThunderJaws Points183,662235
Tiger Heli Points1164,70093
Time Pilot Points1546,100165
Time Soldiers Points1395,80073
Total Carnage Points1220,428151
Trog Points14,325,2961711
Tron Points123,889148
Truxton Points1385,350133
Turbo Points118,775 1720
Twilight Zone Points1161,527,660975
Twin Cobra Points1957,390175
Twin Eagle Points11,315,900131
Twin Eagle II Points11,113,980101
Ultraman Points152,90026
Vampire Savior 2 : The Lord of Vampire Points19,20018
Vendetta Points135413
Vulgus Points1413,700183
Wacko Points120,8001855
Wild West CowBoys of Moo Mesa Points17,64555
Wrestle War Points1102,40015
X Multiply Points1681,500518
X-Men Points11111213
X-Men vs. Street Fighter Points11,265,30063
Xenophobe Points1143,60554
Xevious Points1108,7801317
Xexex Points - International Version1417,200911
Xybots Points1105,60034
Zed Blade Points11,040,76054
Zero Wing Points1196,800312
Zombie Raid Points131,11043
Flash Points1561,74074
Gorgar Points1320,5207719
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