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Member: James White (ironjw)
Name: James White
Title: Member
Joined: 5/3/2011 9:21:37 AM
Last Activity: 10/19/2020 6:19:36 PM
World Records: 9
Total: 5,145
Average: 16.00

Top 5 Locations
Galloping Ghost Arcade
Prince Arcades
Pixel Blast Arcade
Underground Retrocade
Midwest Gaming Classic

Certified Scores
Personal Scores
These scores have been certified by referees.
Game Format Players Score Tokens Rank
005 Points1186,70042
1941: Counter Attack Points11,004,20015
1943: The Battle Of Midway Points1160,230 330
64th Street - A Detective Story Points1609,15143
AB Cop Points161,138,34092
Act-Fancer : Cybernetick Hyper Weapon Points1128,37018
Adventures of Robby Roto, The Points1394,849103
Aero Fighters Special Points1382,60047
Aeroboto Points1361,700262
After Burner: Climax Points1242,26067
Air Buster Points1411,69057
Air Duel Points1207,60057
Alcon Points1353,20099
Alien 3: The Gun Points15,243,000146
Alien Storm Points1850103
Alien Syndrome Points1851,40095
Alien Vs. Predator Points1874,70068
Aliens Points1308,700224
Alligator Hunt Points1668,60026
Altered Beast Points1222,1001620
Amidar Points194,2606323
Anteater Points195,650148
Apache 3 Points1743,40092
Aqua Jack Points1204,50024
Arabian Points1120,00092
Arabian Fight Points15,66085
Arbalester Points12,146,00073
Area 51 Points138,825313
Arena Points146,96047
Argus Points1177,70074
Arkanoid 2 - Revenge Of Doh Points1163,990311
Arm Wrestling Points1248,7501116
Armed Police Unit Gallop Points1145,91045
Armor Attack Points14,060163
Assault Points1116,95069
Asterix Points124,90073
Asteroids Points162,810 115
Asteroids Deluxe Points144,670 346
Astro Blaster Points129,2007010
Astro Fighter Points126,1301134
Astron Belt Points170,970101
Atomic Punk 2 Global Quest Points1476,50064
Atomic RoboKid Points1401,900162
Aurail Points1454,71092
B. Rap Boys Points1958423
Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja Points1603,700215
Bagman Points190,160324
Bank Panic Points1119,800958
Batman (The Arcade) Points173,41727
Batsugun Points1569,29027
Battle Bakraid Points12,299,010312
Battle Circuit Points1590,60019
Battle Garegga Points11,393,090211
Battlezone Points151,000424
Bay Route Points172,00028
Beast Busters: 2nd Nightmare Points1522,300102
Berzerk Points [Fast Bullets]119,250 1317
Bionic Commando Points171,91015
Black Widow Points1530,850791
Blast Off Points1199,75023
Blasted Points1716,375331
Blaster Points11,854,730185
Blasteroids Points1439,000143
Blasteroids Points - 2 Player2665,69402
Blazing Star Points1521,100123
Bloody Wolf Points165,20035
Bloxeed Points1111,762712
Blue's Journey Points175,10034
Blueprint Points1104,650474
Bomb Jack Points1162,500412
Bonanza Bros. Points1263,20086
Bonks Adventure Arcade Version Points13,826,01045
Boogie Wings The Great Ragtime Show Points1313,000122
Boomer Rang'r Letters & Points18.14062
Boot Camp Points1124,240113
Bosconian Points (Marathon)1218,200 159
Boxing Bugs Points144,280514
Brave Firefighters Points1130,55492
Bubble Bobble Points1797,660417
Bubbles Points11,786,370921
Buck Rogers: Planet Of Zoom Points1192,278151
Bucky OHare Points137,100145
Bullet Points1407,90074
Bump n Jump Points1257,304158
Burgertime Points1213,45039
Burning Fight Points1108,300101
Burning Force Points1169,64064
Buster Bros. Points1831,45047
Cabal Points11,169,510133
Calorie Kun vs Moguranian Points169,15034
Captain Commando Points137,39046
Carnival Points148,730345
Carrier Air Wing Points156,220115
Castlevania The Arcade Points11,332,90043
Caveman Ninja Points1186,60036
Centipede Points1140,780521
Chameleon Points165,60034
Championship Sprint Points16,630516
Charlie Ninja Points1303,400183
Chase HQ Points12,034,29086
Chase HQ 2 Points11123
Chelnov Atomic Runner Points1128,40044
Cheyenne Points1102,30015
Chicago 1929 Points1483,0001110
Chiller Points12,025,64515
Choplifter Points1142,200913
Circus Points17,090212
Circus Charlie Points1246,8202622
Class of 1981 : Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga Turbo Pac-Man (3 Live Start)1380,33043
Cloak & Dagger Points1264,11773
Cobra Command Points1328,70098
Cobra Command (1984) Points1127,10063
Colony 7 Points1347,575692
Columns Points187,762111
Commando Points163,300236
Congo Bongo Points1234,800635
Contra Points1376,800814
Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams Points1186,91035
Crack Down Points171,400185
Crater Raider Points179,150103
Crazy Climber Points1158,1005217
Crazy Climber 2 Points1151,550145
Crazy Cop Points11121
Crime City Points159,20017
Crime Fighters Points129613
Cruisin Points1449,90073
Crystal Castles Points1558,770226
Crystal of Kings Points1211,40078
Cyvern Points1441,550114
Daikaiju No Gyakushu - Giant Monster Counterattack Points133,299110
Dangar UFO Robo Points1189,20044
Darius Points14,114,400153
Darius Burst: Another Chronicle EX Points (Single Player)120,166,900213
Dark Adventure Points162,70066
Dark Stalkers Points1233,50099
Daytona USA Beginner - Fastest Race (with Traffic)12:28:01105
Dead Connection Points189,30084
Death Race Points112722
Death Smiles Points17,756,189114
Defender Points125,550 142
Demolition Derby Points156,600919
Depthcharge Points13,780 25115
Desert Assault Points137014
Detana!! TwinBee Points1729,15084
Devastators Points1227917
Dig Dug Points1434,3701013
Digger Points115,500215
Discs of Tron Points175,900316
DJ Boy Points1202,60055
Dolphin Blue Points1118,85048
Domino Man Points1437,8011710
Donkey Kong Points1356,1004934
Donkey Kong Points - Hard Roms1477,200218
Donkey Kong 3 Points11,771,800491
Donkey Kong Junior Points1297,700279
DonPachi Points ACS11,891,80034
Double Dragon Points1135,780233
Double Dragon 2 - The Revenge Points1166,690294
Dragon Breed Points1385,700174
Dragon Gun Points1676,2501014
Dragon Saber Points156,4401719
Dragon Spirit Points1100,330411
Dragon's Lair Points - 3 lives1264,530397
Dynamite Duke Points1468,40083
Dynamite Dux Points1258,84043
Eightman Points135,500212
Elevator Action Points1102,300606
Elevator Action Returns Points1211,0001214
Eliminator Points1107,60034
Enduro Racer Points11,064,173820
ESWAT: Cyber Police Points1801,90096
Explosive Breaker Points1136,23064
Express Raider Points1216,10092
Extermination Points11,313,240322
Exterminator Points1924,500102
Eyes Points11,707,83065
Fantasy Zone Time Attack - Level / Coins1711,54075
Fast Freddie Points1271,930123
Faster Harder More Challenging Q*bert Points193,000125
Final Fight Points1822,73097
Final Fight Points - Default Settings11,022,26043
Final Fight Revenge Points1454,500166
Fire Truck Points Front1360106
Firefox Points195,15764
Firetrap Points194,93053
First Funky Fighter Points17,860419
Fist of the North Star Points11,223,70049
Fixeight Points1388,270811
Flicky Points1364,750110
Food Fight Points1581,800 431
Food Fight Points [ACS]1593,9001991
Forgotten Worlds 2 players - Points27,660,20001
Forgotten Worlds Points16,584,200302
Frenzy Points11,307,162 182
Frogger Points152,3001628
Frogger Points (3-man)138,200101
Front Line Points1117,500961
Funky Jet Points1415,70034
Future Spy Points1129,45082
G Darius Points14,032,4701111
G. I. Joe Points11,605175
Gaia Crusaders Points1729,80092
Gain Ground Points1326,01016
Galaga Points (5 Ships Only)1201,410239
Galaga '88 Points1270,030912
Galaxian Points (Rev B)114,200318
Galaxy Force II Points1913,68063
Galaxy Ranger Points1108,280101
Gamshara Points12,777,670717
Ganryu Points124,00018
Gaplus/Galaga 3 Points1284,900 686
Gate of Doom Points1245,150108
Ghosts 'n Goblins Points1215,600 1611
Ghouls n Ghosts Points122,900113
Golden Axe Points1256.0257
Golden Axe: The Duel Points150,40038
Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder Points145463
Golly! Ghost! Points11661019
Gorf Points [6 Bases]150,950612
Gradius II Points1156,300810
Granny and the Gators Points186,240612
Gravitar Points160,600 228
Growl Points154,20073
Guardian Points1163,02042
Guerrilla War Points185,20014
Gun Force II Points164,80014
Gun Force: Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island Points1493,00068
Gun Frontier Points1146,30068
Gun Smoke Points1177,15057
Gun Survivor 2 Biohazard Code Veronica Points166,40054
Gunbird 2 Points1341,50077
Gunblade NY Points159,405103
Gundhara Points1312,66024
Guzzler Points1207,52092
Gyruss Points1452,200713
Hacha Mecha Fighter Points12,417,930611
Hammer Away Points172,10047
Hammerin Harry Points150,50082
Haunted Castle Points155,40027
Heated Barrel Points1137,51014
Hellfire Points1144,800511
Hole Land Points1373,70053
Hook Points12,310,30053
Hopper Robo Points175,700317
Hopping Mappy Points125,33073
House of the Dead 3 Points125,890312
House of the Dead 4 Points138,57016
Hyper Sports Points162,7904727
I, Robot Points161,739316
Ikari III: The Rescue Points1112,200182
Ikari Warriors Points1245,30088
In The Hunt Points1511,000113
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Points (Easy Path, 3 Lives)1182,820114
Inferno Points1182,90084
Insector X Points1412,60064
International Team Laser Points199,07572
Interstellar Points1129,40052
J.J. Squawkers Points174,550113
Jackal Points1392,400113
Jambo! Safari Points195,529914
Johnny Nero Action Hero Akimbo/Duel Pistol - Points11121
Journey Points1159,07525
Joust Points1263,400 114
Joust 2: Survival Of The Fittest Points1429,400544
Jr. Pac-Man Points142,930 2929
Judge Dredd (Prototype) Points133,05363
Jump Bug Points1104,52011523
Jungle Hunt Points158,560101
Jungle King Points1101,680193
Juno First Points1755,710114
Kaitei Takara Sagashi - Treasure Diver Points - 4 Lives11,36017
Kangaroo Points1165,200 732
Karate Champ Points1139,100584
Ken-go Points176,20015
Kick / Kick Man Points116,290135
Kid Niki Points1212,50013
King of Fighters '94, The Points149,54027
KLAX Points1267,860410
Kozmik Kroozr Points1507,400273
Krull Points1214,620334
Kung Fu Master Points1553,570783
Kuri Kinton Points1497,50092
Lady Bug Points165,3403626
Laser Ghost Points1225,10054
Lasso Points1167,760510
Lazarian Points144,985476
LED Storm Points11,136,02846
Legendary Wings Points1353,000102
Liberator Points1168,050159
Life Force Points1474,100810
Liquid Kids Points1137,00073
Lock 'n' Chase Cash (Default Settings)1$41,20085
Lunar Lander Points1160646
Lunar Rescue Points116,9702614
M.A.C.H. 3 Points - Bomber1221,90074
M.A.C.H. 3 Points - Fighter1276,10082
Mad Motor Points1146,208102
Mad Planets Points1227,793927
Magic Sword Points1238,525111
Magical Cat Adventure Points1200,20026
Magical Tetris Challenge Points1172,700124
Magician Lord Points187,83034
Majestic Twelve Points1352,30065
Major Havoc Points1995,100104
Major Havoc Points - No Warps Allowed1185,478192
Make Trax Points1117,68014
Mappy Points1149,620 2412
Marble Madness Points144,0905125
Mario Bros. Points1234,250 2410
Mario Bros. Points [ACS]1243,0401814
Mars Points178,43063
Mat Mania Points1878,40014
Mega Force Points1604,60094
Megatack Points1472,80092
Metal Black Points1183,600710
Metamorphic Force Points115385
Michael Jacksons Moonwalker Points1190,980162
Midnight Resistance Points1529,90064
Mikie Points1556,00092
Millipede Points [ACS]1131,8312616
Missile Command Points134,335 127
Missing In Action M.I.A. Points1168,08034
Mission Craft Points1155,720717
Mister Viking Points1162,760202
Monkey Ball Points1193,243711
Monster Bash Points1102,600603
Moon Patrol Points1287,770 144
Moon Shuttle Points124,00084
Mortal Kombat Points11,310,000220
Motorace USA Points1198,900454
Mouse Trap Points1304,500110
Mr. Do! Points1339,850510
Mr. Do's Castle Points1177,18082
Mr. Heli Points1109,16043
Ms. Pac-Man Turbo Points1391,9605312
Munch Mobile Points178,320124
Mushihimesama Points - Original Mode11,639,323110
Mutation Nation Points1315,600103
Mystic Warriors Points178,560213
NARC Points1763,10024
Nastar Warrior Points136,600215
Nemesis Points1155,40058
New Zealand Story, The Points1109,33035
Nibbler Points1200,790114
Night Slashers Points1211,500710
Night Striker Points112,851,61044
Nightmare In The Dark Points14,635,00068
Ninja Clowns Points1156,85072
Ninja Combat Points156645
Ninja Gaiden Points172,000124
Ninja Kids, The Points1922,55034
Ninja Spirit Points1325,40064
Nitroball Points15,654,19053
No Man's Land Points121,65024
Nostradamus Points1466,700415
Oli Boo Chu Points1117,70063
Omega Race Points1162,300 4612
Operation Wolf 3 Points1331,430104
Osman Points1535,90015
Out Run Points18,101,740614
Out Zone Points1339,740212
P.O.W. Prisoners Of War Points128,70044
Pac & Pal Points1193,510854
Pac-Land Points1145,870144
Pac-Man Points [ACS]143,240133
Pac-Man Plus Points184,160 312
Pac-Mania Points1229,710212
Pandora`s Palace Points111187
Paperboy Points (Easy Street - 3 lives)149,58698
Pengo Points1171,990683
Penguin Brothers Points196,420314
Pepper II Points1610,85085
Peter Pack Rat Points1205,12535
Phantasm / Avenging Spirit Points1334,70034
Phelios Points1122,49074
Phoenix Points [Centuri]1287,581 135
Pig Out Points1192,28573
Pinbot Points1370,1407116
Piranha Points119,590113
Pit, The Points1162,9001093
Pitfall II: The Lost Caverns Points1119,30026
Pleiades Points152,13015
Pocket Fighter Points1559,400514
Polaris Points149,210212
Pole Position Points (Championship)164,80038119
Pole Position II Points (Fuji - Tournament)135,6803013
Pole Position II Points (Seaside)119,66053
Pole Position II Points (Suzuka)117,09063
Pole Position II Points (Test Track) [ACS]133,0501827
Police Trainer Points - Cumulative110,050416
Pooyan Points1409,950202
Pop Flamer Points179,10063
Popeye Points191,380 1115
Port Man Points159,85022
Pot of Gold Points1285,185101
Powered Gear Points11,259,300102
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Points1112,70025
Primal Rage II Points147,500116
Punch-Out!! Points1170,180215
Punisher, The Points13,302,60065
Pyros Points11,720,08062
Q*bert Points1301,615124
Q*bert's Qubes Points - Hard Difficulty1259,945154
Qix Points1102,366 679
Quantum Points1110,200269
Quartet Points1117,00038
R-Type Points1181,1004131
Rabbit Punch Points1661,50095
Radar Zone Points196,20023
Radiant Silvergun Points164,840112
Raiden Fighters Points11,369,170114
Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 Points11,139,62017
Rally-X Points178,62018728
Rambo III Points15,905,480242
Rastan Points1122,100515
Reactor Points127,8941436
Real Ghostbusters, The Points1658,30094
Red Baron Points134,680144
Renegade Points1458,150242
Rescue Points1144,295805
Ribbit Points11,29283
Riot Points148583
Risky Challenge - Escape from Dungeons Points151,200217
Road Riot 4WD Points186,286101
Road Runner Points1464,9803616
Robo Army Points140,60065
Robocop Points1259,20067
Robocop 2 Points11124
Robotron: 2084 Points19,013,475296
Roc'n Rope Points1101,47054
Roller Jammer Points11122
Rolling Thunder Points1100,180620
Rush `n Attack Points1246,6206812
Rygar - Legendary Warrior Points183,650116
Saint Dragon Points1190,70034
Salamander 2 Points1142,600413
SAR - Search and Rescue Points1317,14072
Sarge Points161,525295
Satan's Hollow Points (3 Bases)1154,545 314
Scramble Points1155,940 37
Scramble Spirits Points1826,40089
Scrambled Egg Points1124,71025
Sea Wolf Points17,600 7317
Section Z Points1305,39024
Sega Strike Fighter Points136,90055
SegaSonic The Hedgehog Points186784
Shadow Dancer Points1206,300611
Shadow Force Points149,74024
Shark Shark Shark Points1170,07035
Shinobi Points1321,900144
Shock Troopers Points14,041,00043
Shock Troopers 2 - 2nd Squad Points11,204,180210
Side Arms Points1825,60044
Silent Hill The Arcade Game Points1301,60044
Simpsons Bowling, The Points12883424
Sinistar Points1265,575 1486
Skull & Crossbones Points11,27354
Skull Fang Points - CHASE MODE11,680,500311
Sky Shark Points1151,710118
Sly Spy Points1743,40094
Snacks 'n Jaxson Points197,37064
Snow Bros. Points1291,820518
Sol Divide Points1366,900119
Solar Assault Points1305,20079
Solar Fox Points186,990617
Solar Quest Points1151,100454
Solvalou Points178,97054
Space Bomber Points13,315,700154
Space Duel Points1 41,280 349
Space Firebird Points114,110584
Space Fury Points180,780396
Space Gun Points1354,76074
Space Harrier Points18,450,61079
Space Invaders Points16,460 1719
Space Invaders Deluxe Points15,7302113
Space Invaders Part II Points18,010101
Space Lords Points1157.553
Speed Rumbler, The Points180,10082
Spiders Points1143,880262
Splat! Points1646,60032
Splatterhouse Points192,300414
Spy Hunter Points1108,670313
Spy Hunter II Points1277,50083
SPY Special Project Y Points139,00045
Star Castle Points - easy chip130,260152
Star Jacker Points1203,20065
Star Rider Points175,72492
Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator Points1230,5751310
Star Wars Points11,059,7021321
Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Points1361,487196
Star Wars Return of the Jedi Points1692,69094
Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Points1405,500521
Stargate Points184,27528
Starhawk Points - 2 Minutes137,100145
Steel Gunner 2 Points144,57074
Stocker Points147,09419741
Strato Fighter Points1101,030621
Stratovox Points137,1003010
Street Fighter Points1267,900917
Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting Points1259,500616
Street Fighter V Points11124
Strider 2 Points11120
Strikeforce Points1146,19012
Strikers 1945 III Points1391,50065
SubRoc-3D Points117,650943
Sunset Riders Points1164,07029
Super BurgerTime Points1279,10064
Super Cobra Points167,100 389
Super Contra Points1317,000116
Super DodgeBall Points196,30053
Super Hang On Points - Beginner Course15,097,810421
Super Muscle Bomber Points11,293,60024
Super Pac-Man Points - ADS1300,120914
Super Spacefortress Macross Points11,280,5001016
Super Spy Points119,00065
Super Zaxxon Points198,35042
Surprise Attack Points1218,71054
Swimmer Points1123,610213
Tank Battalion Points12,610114
Tank Force Points166,800214
Tapper Points [ACS]149,075250
Tazz Mania Points1251,66043
Tempest Points [Marathon]156,622 325
Tenchi wo Kurau II: Sekiheki no Tatakai Points11,334,50052
Terra Cresta Points1185,500115
Terra Force Points1460,60092
Tetris (Atari) Points136,711 149
The Deep Points (Level 1 Start)185,80063
The End Points127,2802221
tHiEF Points1232,270164
Three Stooges, The Points1214,670124
Thunder Cross Points1406,40035
Thundercade Points1331,40043
ThunderJaws Points144,3701320
Tiger Road Points134,1601213
Timber Points (1 Player)1415,570247
Time Pilot Points1739,700313
Time Pilot '84 Points1481,000211
Tin Star Points193,650101
Tinkle Pit Points1806,700115
TNK III Points1119,97026
Toki Points1248,35073
Top Hunter Roddy & Cathy Points1157,50092
Total Carnage Points1208,507262
Tough Turf Points17,257,75082
Toy Pop Points120,02087
Track & Field Points [ACS]172,2108647
Tranquilizer Gun Points143,65093
Trog Points16,041,460267
Trojan Points1100,85025
Tron Points1312,305312
Truxton Points1186,02088
Truxton II Points1193,220139
Tunnel Hunt Points164,9403017
Turbo Points131,402 4011
Turkey Shoot Points118,000426
Turtles Points126,38074
Tutankham Points187,94028
Twilight Zone Points133,306,6002133
Twinklestar Sprites Points1726,74069
Two Crude Points1106,76092
Two Tigers Points1230,200313
Uchuu Daisakusen Chocovader Contactee Points145.21029
Ultra Toukon Densetsu Points1208,60025
Undercover Cops Points - Alpha Renewal ver.11,910,28024
Up'n Down Points163,140108
Us Vs. Them Points1624,579101
Vanguard Points1224,6104510
Vapor Trail - Hyper Offence Formation Points1296,67045
Vendetta Points151310
Venture Points1175,980812
Victory Road Points184,010111
Vigilante Points166,74056
Vindicators Points175,650221
Violent Storm Points11,354,65064
Vritra Hexa Points11122
VS. Castlevania Points123,264120
Vulgus Points1363,800174
Wacko Points1144,90011210
Warlords Points (1 Player)121,875429
Warp Warp Points142,410116
Wild West CowBoys of Moo Mesa Points18,56054
Wild Western Points1132,900482
Willow Points118,80015
Wizard of Wor Points - 3 Worriors158,200 1112
Wolf Fang Points1227,84063
Wonderboy Points1233,560510
Wrestle War Points11,307,500101
Wyvern Wings Points1200,700411
X Multiply Points11,005,200711
X-Men Points1114312
Xeno Crisis Points11120
Xenophobe Points1348,140152
Xenophobe Points - 2000 Life1173,58573
Xevious Points1383,840484
Xevious (dedicatd 60-1) Points Dedicated 60-11110,430134
Xevious 3D/G Points1882,85075
Xexex Points - International Version1659,300154
Xybots Points1103,70036
Yie Ar Kung-Fu Points1662,70013
Yokai Duchuuki - ShadowLand Points17,20016
Zarzon Points133,980464
Zaxxon Points1381,650213
Zero Gunner Points - Expert Course1209,10046
Zero Team Points12,672,82058
Zing Zing Zip Points1175,15037
Zoo Keeper Points11,963,800611
Joust Points1109,75032
Pac-Man Points14,10493
Space Invaders Points119,83031
Baby Pac-Man Points1427,010 434
Gorgar Points1204,7004948
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