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# Name Total Manufacturer Year Links
1.Abnormal Check 0Namco1996Link
2.Ace Driver Victory Lap 5Namco1996Link
3.Action Pac 0Kigyo Corp1996Link
4.Air Gallet 0Banpresto1996Link
5.Air Walkers 0Data East1996Link
6.Airborne Pinball3Capcom1996
7.Akuu Gallet 0Banpresto1996Link
8.Alpine Surfer 6Namco1996Link
9.Aqua Jet 5Namco1996Link
10.Area 51: Site 4 72Atari1996Link
11.Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior 1SNK1996Link
12.Batman Forever (Arcade) 2Acclaim1996Link
13.Battle Garegga 1Raizing1996Link
14.Beavis and Butthead 2Atari1996Link
15.Big Bang Bar Pinball3Capcom1996
16.Breakshot Pinball10Capcom1996Link
17.Bust-A-Move Again 4Taito1996Link
18.Bust-A-Move Again EX Edition 0Taito1996Link
19.Cherry Master 96 51996Link
20.Cruis'n World 124Midway1996Link
21.Dancing Eyes 0Namco1996Link
22.Daytona USA: Special Edition 7Sega1996Link
23.Dead or Alive 0Tecmo1996Link
24.Die Hard Arcade 36Sega1996Link
25.Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara 7Capcom1996Link
26.Flipper Football Pinball2Capcom1996
27.Freeze 1Atari1996Link
28.Gunblade NY 57Sega1996Link
29.Hot Dog Storm 0Marble1996
30.Independence Day Pinball3Sega1996
31.Ironclad 2Saurus1996Link
32.Junk Yard Pinball24Williams1996Link
33.Killer Instinct 2 28Rare1996Link
34.King of Fighters '96, The 4SNK1996Link
35.Kingpin Pinball1Capcom1996Link
36.Last Bronx 1Sega1996Link
37.Macross Plus 2Banpresto1996Link
38.Magical Drop II 3Nihon Bussan Co.1996Link
39.Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters 0Capcom1996
40.Metal Slug 27Nazca1996Link
41.Miner's Revenge Redemption1Lai Games1996Link
42.Namco Classic Collection Volume 2 13Namco1996Link
43.NBA Hangtime 6Midway1996Link
44.NBA Jam Extreme 0Acclaim1996Link
45.NBA Maximum Hangtime 6Midway1996Link
46.Neo Turf Masters 2SNK1996Link
47.Ninja Master's Haou Ninpou-ko 1SNK/ADK1996Link
48.Osman 1Mitchell1996Link
49.Pocket Racer 1Namco1996Link
50.Primal Rage II 1Atari1996Link
51.Prop Cycle 7Namco1996
52.Puzzle Bobble 3 1Taito1996Link
53.Raiden Fighters 19Seibu Kaihatsu1996Link
54.Rail Chase 2 2Sega1996Link
55.Ray Storm 3Taito1996Link
56.Real Bout Fatal Fury Special 1SNK1996Link
57.Road Fighter 2 - Midnight Run 1Konami1996Link
58.RockMan 2 The Power Fighters 1Capcom1996Link
59.Run & Gun 2 1Konami1996Link
60.Safe Cracker Pinball6Bally1996Link
61.Salamander 2 3Konami1996Link
62.Samurai Shodown IV 2SNK1996Link
63.San Francisco Rush 23Atari1996Link
64.Scared Stiff Pinball24Bally1996
65.Scud Race 10Sega1996Link
66.Sega Ski Super G 2Sega1996Link
67.Sega Touring Car Championship 9Sega1996Link
68.Sexy Parodius 2Konami1996Link
69.Sonic Championship 6Sega1996Link
70.Space Jam Pinball8Sega1996
71.Speed Up 2Gaelco1996Link
72.Street Fighter Alpha 2 9Capcom1996Link
73.Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha 3Capcom1996Link
74.Super Bishi Bashi Champ 2Konami1996Link
75.Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo 13Capcom1996Link
76.Super Puzzle Fighter II X 2Capcom1996Link
77.Tales of the Arabian Nights Pinball15Williams1996
78.Tattoo Assassins 1Data East1996Link
79.Tecmo World Soccer 96 1Tecmo1996Link
80.Tengai 1Psikyo1996Link
81.Ticket Tac Toe PinballRedemption1Williams1996
82.Tokyo Wars 17Namco1996Link
83.Twinklestar Sprites 3SNK1996Link
84.Ultimate 11, The - SNK Football Championship 1SNK1996Link
85.Ultra Balloon 0SunA1996Link
86.Virtua Fighter Kids 1Sega1996Link
87.Waku Waku 7 2Sunsoft1996Link
88.War Gods 4Midway1996Link
89.Warzard 1Capcom1996Link
90.Wave Runner 30Sega1996Link
91.Wave Shark 1Konami1996Link
92.Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey 4Atari Games/Midway1996Link
93.X-Men vs. Street Fighter 39Capcom1996Link
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