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# Name Total Manufacturer Year Links
1.Addams Family Generator, The New 71999Link
2.Airline Pilots 19Sega1999Link
3.Beast Busters: 2nd Nightmare 4SNK1999Link
4.Beatmania 5th Mix: The Beat Goes On 0Konami1999Link
5.Beatmania Complete Mix 0Konami1999
6.Beatmania IIDX 1Konami1999
7.Brave Firefighters 23Sega1999Link
8.Cactus Canyon Pinball4Bally1999
9.Carn-Evil 75Midway1999Link
10.Crazy Taxi 113Sega1999Link
11.Crisis Zone 88Namco1999Link
12.Cruis'n Exotica 146Midway1999Link
13.Dance Dance Revolution 11Konami1999Link
14.Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix 0Konami1999Link
15.Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix with Beatmania IIDX 0Konami1999
16.Dance Dance Revolution Best of Cool Dancers 0Konami1999
17.Dance Dance Revolution Karaoke Mix 0Konami1999
18.Dance Dance Revolution Solo 2000 2Konami1999
19.Dance Dance Revolution Solo Bass Mix 0Konami1999
20.Dance Maniax 4Konami1999
21.Dancing Stage 0Konami1999
22.Dancing Stage featuring Dreams Come True 0Konami1999
23.Dancing Stage featuring True Kiss Destination 0Konami1999
24.Daytona USA 2: Power Edition 36Sega1999Link
25.Dead or Alive 2 3Tecmo1999Link
26.Double Donkey Kong 4Braze Technologies1999Link
27.DrumMania 1Konami1999Link
28.DrumMania 2nd Mix 0Konami1999Link
29.Emergency Call Ambulance 7Sega1999Link
30.EZ2DJ 1st Tracks 1Amuseworld1999
31.Ferrari F355 Challenge 38Sega1999Link
32.Fisherman's Bait: A Marlin Challenge 0Konami1999Link
33.Flash Beats 4Sega1999Link
34.Gals Panic S2 0Kaneko1999Link
35.Gals Panic SU 0Kaneko1999
36.Ganryu 1Visco Games1999Link
37.Garou Mark Of The Wolves 7SNK1999Link
38.Ghoul Panic 1Namco1999
39.Giga Wing 8Capcom1999Link
40.Golden Tee 99 4Incredible Tech.1999Link
41.GuitarFreaks 2nd Mix 1Konami1999Link
42.GuitarFreaks 2nd Mix Link Version 0Konami1999
43.Guwange 1Atlus1999Link
44.Harley-Davidson Pinball1Sega1999
45.Harley-Davidson 2nd Edition Pinball5Stern Pinball1999
46.Hydro Thunder 167Midway1999Link
47.Invasion: The Abductors 23Midway1999Link
48.Jambo! Safari 38Sega1999Link
49.JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future 0Capcom1999
50.King of Fighters '99, The 2SNK1999Link
51.L.A. Machineguns: Rage Of The Machines 23Sega1999Link
52.Landing High Japan 7Taito1999Link
53.Mallet Madness Redemption0Capcom1999
54.Megatouch Maxx 4Merit1999Link
55.Metal Slug X 16SNK1999Link
56.Mr. Driller 8Namco1999Link
57.MTV Drumscape 5Devecka1999Link
58.NBA Showtime - NBA On NBC 15Midway1999Link
59.NFL Blitz 2000: Gold Edition 30Midway1999Link
60.Power Stone 1Capcom1999
61.Quick & Crash 22Namco1999Link
62.Re-Volt 9Tsunami1999
63.Revenge From Mars Pinball58Williams1999Link
64.Road Burners 26Atari1999Link
65.Rolling Extreme 13Namco1999Link
66.San Francisco Rush: 2049 80Atari1999Link
67.Savage Quest 2Interactive Light1999Link
68.Silent Scope 64Konami1999Link
69.Slide-It! Redemption0Interactive Light1999Link
70.South Park Pinball66Sega1999Link
71.Street Fighter EX 2 Plus 0Capcom1999Link
72.Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike 62Capcom1999Link
73.Strider 2 1Capcom1999Link
74.Strikers 1945 III 6Psikyo1999Link
75.Strikers 1945 Plus 6Psikyo1999Link
76.Strikers 1999 0Psikyo1999Link
77.Tekken Tag Tournament 69Namco1999Link
78.Toy Fighter 0Sega1999
79.Typing of the Dead, The 1Sega1999Link
80.Virtua Striker 2 '99 0Sega1999Link
81.Virtua Striker 2000 1Sega1999Link
82.Virtua Tennis 19Sega1999Link
83.Vortek v. 3 47Global VR1999Link
84.War: Final Assault 13Atari Games/Midway1999Link
85.World Class Bowling Deluxe 3Incredible Tech.1999
86.World Kicks 6Namco1999Link
87.World Series '99 14Sega1999Link
88.Zero Point 2 2Unico Electronics1999Link
89.Zombie Revenge 8Sega1999Link
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