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# Name Total Manufacturer Year Links
1.1941: Counter Attack 1Capcom1990Link
2.Aa Eikou No Koushien 0Taito1990Link
3.Adventure Quiz 2 - Hatena? No Dai-Bouken 0Capcom1990Link
4.Air Buster 1Kaneko1990Link
5.Air Duel 0Irem1990Link
6.Air Inferno 0Taito1990Link
7.Aleste 2 0Compile1990Link
8.Alien Storm 2Sega1990Link
9.Aliens 10Konami1990Link
10.American Horseshoes 1Taito1990Link
11.Aqua Jack 2Taito1990Link
12.Ataxx 8Leland1990Link
13.Aurail 1Sega1990Link
14.Back to the Future Pinball6Data East1990
15.Baseball Stars Professional 2SNK1990Link
16.Batman (The Arcade) 7Atari1990Link
17.Bell Ringer PinballRedemption1Premier / Gottlieb1990
18.Big Run 1Jaleco1990Link
19.Bio-Ship Paladin 2American Sammy1990Link
20.Blood Brothers 2TAD Corporation1990Link
21.Bloxeed 4Sega1990Link
22.Blue's Journey 21990Link
23.Bonanza Bros. 1Sega1990Link
24.Carrier Air Wing 3Capcom1990Link
25.Cisco Heat 1Jaleco1990Link
26.Columns 3Sega1990Link
27.Combatribes, The 7Technos1990Link
28.Crossed Swords 0SNK1990Link
29.Cyber-Lip 2SNK1990Link
30.Diner Pinball9Williams1990
31.Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone 1Technos1990Link
32.Dr. Dude Pinball18Bally1990Link
33.Dragon Saber 2Namco1990Link
34.Edward Randy The Cliffhanger 1Data East1990Link
35.Elvira and the Party Monsters  Pinball25Bally1990Link
36.Fire Shark 1Romstar1990Link
37.FunHouse Pinball51Williams1990Link
38.G-LOC 10Sega1990Link
39.Galaga '90 0Namco1990
40.Gals Panic 0Kaneko1990Link
41.Game Show, The Pinball9Bally1990Link
42.Gate of Doom 2Data East1990Link
43.Golden Tee Golf 3Strata1990Link
44.GP Rider 4Sega1990Link
45.Growl 2Taito1990Link
46.Gumball Rally Redemption1Atari1990
47.Hammerin Harry  1Irem1990
48.Hat Trick Hero 3Taito1990Link
49.High Impact Football 4Williams1990Link
50.Hit the Ice 8Williams1990Link
51.Hydra 5Atari1990Link
52.Lady Frog 0Mondial1990
53.Lightning Fighters 0Konami1990Link
54.Mad Dog McCree Laserdisc3American Laser Games1990Link
55.Magic Sword 17Capcom1990Link
56.Magician Lord 6SNK1990Link
57.Majestic Twelve 0Taito1990Link
58.Major Title 0Irem1990Link
59.Mercs 9Capcom1990Link
60.Michael Jacksons Moonwalker 18Sega1990Link
61.Midnight Resistance 0Sega1990
62.NAM 1975 2SNK1990Link
63.Ninja Kids, The 0Taito1990Link
64.Nudge-it PinballRedemption1Premier / Gottlieb1990
65.Out Zone 1Toaplan1990Link
66.Over Drive 0Konami1990Link
67.Phantom of the Opera Pinball5Data East1990
68.Pig Out 1Leland1990Link
69.Pigskin 621 A.D. 6Bally Midway1990Link
70.Pit-Fighter 5Atari1990Link
71.Pool Sharks Pinball7Bally1990Link
72.Race Drivin' 11Atari1990Link
73.Radical! Pinball6Bally1990Link
74.Raiden 10Seibu Kaihatsu1990Link
75.Rampart 8Atari1990Link
76.Riding Hero 0SNK1990
77.Riverboat Gambler Pinball5Williams1990Link
78.Rollergames Pinball14Williams1990Link
79.Rolling Thunder 2 1Namco1990Link
80.Silver Slugger Pinball1Premier / Gottlieb1990
81.Simpsons, The Pinball17Data East1990Link
82.Slick Shot 11990Link
83.Smash TV 42Williams1990Link
84.Snow Bros. Nick & Tom 5Toaplan1990Link
85.Space Gun 9Taito1990Link
86.Spot 0Virgin Mastertronic1990Link
87.Steel Gunner 6Namco1990Link
88.Strata Bowling 1Strata1990Link
89.Super BurgerTime 1Data East1990Link
90.Super Pang 1Mitchell1990Link
91.Super Space Invaders `91 0Taito1990Link
92.Super Spy 3SNK1990Link
93.Surprise Attack 1Konami1990Link
94.Tetris Plus 1Jaleco1990Link
95.Thunder Force AC 2Sega1990Link
96.ThunderJaws 2Atari Games/Midway1990Link
97.Top Player's Golf 1SNK1990Link
98.Trog 4Bally Midway1990Link
99.Trog Prototype 2Bally Midway1990
100.Two Crude 2Nihon Bussan Co.1990Link
101.Vegas Pinball2Premier / Gottlieb1990Link
102.VS. Dr. Mario 16Nintendo1990Link
103.Whirlwind Pinball30Williams1990Link
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