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 Pinball  Laserdisc  Redemption  Electro-Mechanical  Rollover
# Name Total Manufacturer Year Links
1.Addams Family, The Pinball95Bally1992Link
2.Adventure Quiz Capcom World 2 0Capcom1992Link
3.Aero Fighters 12Video System1992Link
4.Air Combat 2Namco1992Link
5.Al`s Garage Band Goes On a World Tour Pinball3Alvin G.1992Link
6.Amazing Tennis 0Absolute Entertainment1992Link
7.Andro Dunos 1Visco Games1992Link
8.Arabian Fight 1Sega1992Link
9.Arm Champs II 19Jaleco1992Link
10.Art of Fighting 3SNK1992Link
11.Asterix 1Konami1992Link
12.Atomic Punk 2 Global Quest 4Irem1992Link
13.B. Rap Boys 1Kaneko1992Link
14.Baseball Stars 2 4SNK1992Link
15.Black Rose Pinball11Bally Midway1992
16.Bomber Man World 5Irem1992Link
17.Boogie Wings The Great Ragtime Show 1Data East1992Link
18.Bubble Trouble: Golly! Ghost! 2 1Namco1992Link
19.Bucky OHare 1Konami1992Link
20.Cadillacs and Dinosaurs 4Capcom1992Link
21.Cool Pool 1Catalina Games1992Link
22.Cue Ball Wizard Pinball10Premier / Gottlieb1992
23.Dead Connection 1Taito1992Link
24.Diet Go Go 1Data East1992
25.Doctor Who Pinball35Bally Midway1992
26.Fatal Fury 2 1SNK1992Link
27.Fighter & Attacker 1Namco1992Link
28.Final Lap 3 4Namco1992Link
29.Fish Tales Pinball39Williams1992Link
30.Fixeight 2Toaplan1992Link
31.G. I. Joe 7Konami1992Link
32.Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder 8Sega1992Link
33.Golden Tee Golf II 0Strata1992Link
34.Guardians of the Hood 3Atari Games/Midway1992Link
35.Gunbuster 0Taito1992Link
36.Holosseum 3Sega1992Link
37.Hook Pinball18Data East1992
38.Judge Dredd (Prototype) 2Midway1992Link
39.King of the Monsters 2 2SNK1992Link
40.Knights of the Round 7Capcom1992Link
41.Last Resort 3SNK1992Link
42.Lethal Enforcers 56Konami1992Link
43.Lethal Weapon 3 Pinball15Data East1992
44.Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold Laserdisc2American Laser Games1992Link
45.Monster Maulers 1Konami1992Link
46.Mortal Kombat 55Midway1992Link
47.Moto Frenzy 3Atari1992Link
48.Ninja Commando 1SNK1992Link
49.Operation: Thunder Pinball6Premier / Gottlieb1992
50.Quiz & Dragons: Capcom Quiz Game 1Capcom1992
51.R-Type Leo 1Irem1992Link
52.Relief Pitcher 2Atari1992Link
53.Ridge Racer 2 2Namco1992Link
54.Sagaia (Darius II) 1Taito1992Link
55.Shogun Warriors 0Kaneko1992Link
56.Silent Dragon 1Taito1992Link
57.Skins Game 1Irem1992Link
58.Space Lords 3Atari1992Link
59.Sparkz 0Atari Games/Midway1992Link
60.Stadium Cross 14Sega1992Link
61.Star Wars Pinball (1992) Pinball28Data East1992Link
62.Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting 27Capcom1992Link
63.Super Chase: Criminal Termination 2Taito1992Link
64.Super Mario Bros. Pinball13Nintendo/Gottlieb1992
65.Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World Pinball12Nintendo/Gottlieb1992
66.Super Smash TV 0Acclaim1992
67.Super Spacefortress Macross 3Fabtek1992Link
68.Suzuka 8 Hours 11Namco1992Link
69.The Getaway High Speed II Pinball35Williams1992Link
70.Time Killers 4Strata1992Link
71.Tri-Sports 2Bally Midway1992Link
72.Truxton II 1Toaplan1992Link
73.Ultraman Club - Tatakae Ultraman Kyoudai 1Banpresto1992Link
74.Viewpoint 2Sammy1992Link
75.Virtua Racing 10Sega1992Link
76.Warriors of Fate 0Capcom1992Link
77.Wild West CowBoys of Moo Mesa 3Konami1992Link
78.World Heroes 1SNK1992Link
79.X-Men 84Konami1992Link
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