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 Pinball  Laserdisc  Redemption  Electro-Mechanical  Rollover
# Name Total Manufacturer Year Links
1.9 Ball Shootout! 0Bundra1994Link
2.Ace Driver 2Namco1994Link
3.Addams Family, The (Special Collector's Edition) Pinball6Midway1994Link
4.Aero Fighters 2 3Video System1994Link
5.Aggressors Of Dark Kombat 0SNK/ADK1994Link
6.Alien Vs. Predator 28Capcom1994Link
7.Alligator Hunt 0Gaelco1994Link
8.Art of Fighting 2 3SNK1994Link
9.Attack Of The Zolgear Laserdisc1Namco1994Link
10.Battletoads 19Rare1994Link
11.BloodStorm 2Strata1994Link
12.Bonks Adventure Arcade Version 1Kaneko1994Link
13.Bubble Symphony 2Taito1994Link
14.C.O.P.S. Laserdisc0Atari1994Link
15.Charlie Ninja 0Mitchell1994Link
16.COPS Laserdisc0Atari Games/Midway1994Link
17.Corvette Pinball9Bally Midway1994
18.Cruis'n USA 86Midway1994Link
19.Cyberbots 1Capcom1994Link
20.Darius Gaiden 1Taito1994Link
21.Dark Stalkers 9Capcom1994Link
22.Daytona USA 141Sega1994Link
23.Demolition Man Pinball31Williams1994Link
24.Desert Tank 2Sega1994Link
25.Driver's Edge 1Strata1994Link
26.Dyna Gear 0Sammy1994Link
27.Eco Fighters 1Capcom1994Link
28.Elevator Action II/Returns 3Taito1994Link
29.F-1 Super Battle 1Jaleco1994Link
30.Fast-Draw Showdown Laserdisc0American Laser Games1994Link
31.Fighters History Dynamite 2Data East1994Link
32.Flintstones, The Pinball16Williams1994
33.Fred Flintstone's Memory Match Redemption1Coastal Amusements1994Link
34.Freddy A Nightmare on Elm Street Pinball6Gottlieb1994Link
35.Ghost Hunter Redemption0Lai Games1994Link
36.Golden Axe: The Duel 1Sega1994Link
37.Golden Eye - 007 Pinball11Sega1994
38.Great 1000 Mile Rally 5Kaneko1994Link
39.Gunbird 1Psikyo1994Link
40.Guns N' Roses Pinball15Data East1994
41.Gururin 0Face1994Link
42.Home Run Hitter PinballElectro-MechanicalRedemption11994Link
43.Hot Shot Basketball PinballElectro-MechanicalRedemption2Midway1994Link
44.Hyper Pac Man 1Semicom1994Link
45.Joe & Mac Returs 0Data East1994Link
46.Jurassic Park 10Sega1994Link
47.Killer Instinct 47Rare1994Link
48.King of Fighters '94, The 4SNK1994Link
49.Krazy Bowl 4American Sammy1994Link
50.Last Bounty Hunter, The Laserdisc1American Laser Games1994
51.Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters 24Konami1994Link
52.Locked 'N Loaded 0Nihon Bussan Co.1994Link
53.Mach Breakers - Numan Athletics 2 1Namco1994Link
54.Maverick Pinball5Data East1994
55.Mazinger Z 1Banpresto1994Link
56.Operation Wolf 3 3Taito1994Link
57.Outfoxies, The 1Namco1994Link
58.Point Blank 18Namco1994Link
59.Power Instinct 2 0Atlus1994Link
60.Primal Rage 23Atari1994Link
61.Puzzle Bobble 18Taito1994Link
62.Racin' Force 2Konami1994Link
63.Raiden DX 4Seibu Kaihatsu1994Link
64.Real Puncher 3Taito1994Link
65.Red & Ted's Road Show Pinball29Williams1994Link
66.Rescue 911 Pinball10Gottlieb1994
67.Revolution X 46Midway1994Link
68.Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II 1Capcom1994Link
69.Samurai Shodown II 8SNK1994Link
70.Solitare Challenge 01994Link
71.Super Muscle Bomber 1Capcom1994Link
72.Super Sidekicks 2 1SNK1994Link
73.Super Street Fighter II Turbo 28Capcom1994Link
74.Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge 5Capcom1994Link
75.T-Mek 7Atari1994Link
76.Tekken 7Namco1994Link
77.TH Strikes Back 1Gaelco1994Link
78.The Shadow Pinball21Bally1994Link
79.The Whos Tommy Pinball Wizard Pinball15Data East1994
80.Top Hunter Roddy & Cathy 2SNK1994Link
81.Twin Eagle II 3Seta1994Link
82.Twister Pinball7Sega1994Link
83.Virtua Cop 19Sega1994Link
84.Virtua Striker 4Sega1994Link
85.Waterworld Pinball4Gottlieb1994
86.Windjammers 11Nihon Bussan Co.1994Link
87.Wing War 12Sega1994Link
88.World Cup Soccer Pinball30Bally1994
89.World Heroes 2 Jet 0SNK/ADK1994Link
90.WWF Royal Rumble Pinball3Data East1994
91.X-Men: Children of the Atom 11Capcom1994Link
92.Zed Blade 1NMK1994Link
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