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1.1478Viewing Topic: spacebar counter01/04/22 02:54 AM
2.ACAMTournament: Main Tournament10/01/23 04:08 PM
3.airtimArcade Locations, World Records and More!07/15/24 10:10 PM
4.alsiggitysauceMember: Albert Moschetti Jr (alsiggitysauce)01/29/22 04:21 PM
5.AntifrodisMember: Geoff Lucas (Antifrodis)11/16/21 03:45 PM
6.Arc1mpuls3Format: Mars: Points02/14/22 09:12 PM
7.arcadelevelsLocation: Arcade Levels - Zaragoza11/12/22 11:37 AM
8.arcademastersViewing Topic: How can I add arcade locations?12/05/21 10:44 AM
9.ArcadenblogBubbles03/28/22 08:18 PM
10.asocoSkycurser06/22/22 04:48 AM
11.Atarian.GamerNewest Scores11/23/21 12:58 PM
12.AuricScore: Missile Command06/16/24 02:26 PM
13.backdoorfredScore: Raiden IV07/03/24 05:37 PM
14.BarthaxArcade Locations, World Records and More!02/06/24 10:47 AM
15.bestcellarNewest Scores04/03/24 02:50 PM
16.Bobafett89 Viewing Topic: New arcade games in database07/14/24 02:25 AM
17.BradleyLocation: High Scores Interactive Arcade Museum04/12/24 05:18 PM
18.bradyrhinoArcade Locations, World Records and More!02/10/23 07:07 PM
19.brandonh503Viewing Topic: Khrismas KLOV video09/13/23 04:56 PM
20.burgrtmAccount Settings: Bryan Wagner09/29/21 01:29 PM
21.ccatalystAdministration12/19/21 04:58 PM
22.ChadTowerBrowse Games02/15/24 01:36 PM
23.chdorrLocation: Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade07/13/24 04:29 AM
24.CiderArcade Locations, World Records and More!04/01/24 08:41 PM
25.CKFanLocation: Klassic Arcade 1.007/23/23 12:19 PM
26.CoindoorDaveViewing Forums10/16/22 10:15 AM
27.comboaceArcade Locations, World Records and More!07/14/24 01:23 AM
28.CrimefighterArcade Locations, World Records and More!07/16/24 01:09 AM
29.DabrucemanVanguard06/18/22 07:21 PM
30.dandudeamiga2Viewing Topic: New arcade games in database11/06/22 10:58 AM
31.dariusparchertScore: Tapper02/24/23 06:39 PM
32.dauberMember: Sean Courtney (dauber)07/13/24 10:56 AM
33.dd0ckDonkey Kong04/20/24 09:03 AM
34.DDRMixerArcade Locations, World Records and More!02/25/24 06:04 PM
35.dedmundsDouble Dragon11/23/21 03:09 AM
36.DefaultGenMember: T W (DefaultGen)03/09/23 05:03 PM
37.Delta23Browse Locations01/08/22 11:40 PM
38.dennydevitoNightmare In The Dark08/05/22 09:03 PM
39.DevaizterBrowse Locations01/19/23 12:47 AM
40.DJTatsujinArcade Locations, World Records and More!08/17/23 12:45 PM
41.Donnygraham1Score: Reactor11/01/22 08:55 AM
42.ebinsugewaMember: Brendan O'Dowd (ebinsugewa)07/21/22 12:04 PM
43.eclipsemtArcade Locations, World Records and More!07/03/24 03:17 PM
44.EddieB_MrArcadeMember: Eddie Baird (EddieB_MrArcade)07/15/22 06:42 PM
45.FatChrisFormat: Spinal Breakers: Points07/15/24 10:10 PM
46.GeeksmaniaLocation: Galloping Ghost Arcade02/05/24 12:31 AM
47.gf29Login06/05/22 11:52 PM
48.ghostadmin2Location: LCO Casino, Lodge & Convention Center07/15/24 05:23 AM
49.GhostlordFormat: Halleys Comet: Points07/11/24 09:38 PM
50.GIV999Hunch Back11/27/23 05:59 PM
51.GrantmanFormat: Munch Mobile: Points05/31/23 06:56 PM
52.GrapeJuiceFormat: Tetris: The Grand Master: Points01/03/23 07:06 PM
53.GrinkersArcade Locations, World Records and More!10/23/21 01:56 AM
54.guitarmanStomper Deluxe10/16/21 11:12 PM
55.HANBrowse Members08/05/22 11:28 PM
56.HugDDMember: Tim Hettinger (tim hett)05/17/24 06:01 PM
57.ichigokurosaki1991Arcade Locations, World Records and More!02/19/23 12:02 PM
58.JAJAFormat: Q*bert: Points01/23/22 03:39 PM
59.JasonLatkoMember: Jason Latko (JasonLatko)11/23/23 11:18 PM
60.JasonRNewest Scores09/25/21 10:59 PM
61.jdm426Member: John Moody (jdm426)11/28/21 04:04 PM
62.jdwwsmArcade Locations, World Records and More!12/26/21 04:17 PM
63.JeffKing2Score: Gyruss10/12/22 10:25 AM
64.jetcogsArcade Locations, World Records and More!05/22/24 12:57 AM
65.JinyoAdministration10/03/21 04:09 PM
66.JomarcadeBrowse Members11/04/21 07:07 AM
67.JPPitts12Browse Games07/13/24 05:16 PM
68.jpralrLocation: Full Tilt Ice Cream (University District)09/25/22 05:52 PM
69.jrz_Viewing Section: General Discussion02/15/22 12:45 AM
70.jstellFormat: Stranger Things: Points - Pro07/11/24 12:23 PM
71.KhloeGwenVampire Night04/03/24 01:12 PM
72.KittyKatastropheArcade Locations, World Records and More!09/16/23 09:21 AM
73.kyle315aNew Account09/26/21 06:50 PM
74.kyo211Newest Scores10/30/21 03:30 PM
75.lakeman421Arcade Locations, World Records and More!04/18/22 03:00 PM
76.LaughingOtterBrowse Locations04/25/22 05:20 PM
77.LeCatsFormat: Spy Hunter: Points07/15/24 08:57 PM
78.LittlenekochanEvent Manager08/12/23 07:42 PM
79.Lmp900Arcade Locations, World Records and More!05/30/24 03:31 PM
80.LonnieLocation: RAM Arcade07/09/23 01:47 AM
81.LuigiRuffoloArcade Locations, World Records and More!02/03/23 09:40 AM
82.Marth996Format: Mad Motor: Points01/15/22 05:05 PM
83.mases26Score: Captain America and the Avengers07/14/24 03:26 PM
84.mattbuc16Location: Cidercade @ Houston09/19/23 08:34 PM
85.mattburkeMember: Matt Burke (mattburke)07/15/24 09:13 PM
86.MattSaadFormat: Jambo! Safari: Points08/17/22 07:33 PM
87.Michael romeroFormat: Battle Shark: Points04/17/22 08:22 PM
88.mjhale22Browse Locations02/03/24 08:44 AM
89.n24ourLocation: High Scores Interactive Arcade Museum05/17/24 10:49 PM
90.NamcolodeonBrowse Locations07/09/24 12:03 PM
91.NashvillanViewing Topic: New arcade games in database07/15/24 04:58 PM
92.NH_PunchieTournament: Main Tournament10/01/23 08:05 PM
93.nighttrainTournament: Super Sequels08/05/22 04:52 PM
94.NiteLiteFGCLocation: AMC Framingham 1608/11/23 06:24 PM
95.orangewhipMember: Brad Eyers (orangewhip)03/15/23 09:10 PM
96.owais11Account Settings: Owais Ashraf01/11/22 08:09 AM
97.owais123Messaging02/10/22 08:40 AM
98.owaisashraf12Member: Owais Ashraf (owaisashraf12)01/07/22 09:57 AM
99.OXthatROCKSScore: Tales from the Crypt07/14/24 10:14 PM
100.patbelairArcade Locations, World Records and More!01/17/23 08:21 PM
101.pauldeanArcade Locations, World Records and More!06/03/22 02:13 PM
102.PearlScore: Street Fighter V03/05/23 09:03 PM
103.punkmunkie21Format: King of Fighters XI, The: Points06/28/24 08:57 PM
104.RaikusBrowse Locations05/19/23 04:11 PM
105.RedDawnFormat: Donkey Kong: Points - Hard Roms02/22/24 04:18 PM
106.redelfT20 Galloping Ghost Arcade Final Day or Pre-registration07/07/24 09:56 PM
107.RehabSubmarineMessaging07/15/24 08:40 PM
108.RetroPERFood Fight03/26/24 12:21 AM
109.richieknucklezLocation: RocK The Mall (Richie Knucklez Arcade)06/23/24 02:26 PM
110.SadClownFormat: Ninja Baseball Batman: Points03/24/24 12:21 AM
111.salling772Arcade Locations, World Records and More!05/17/24 06:02 AM
112.sandman316Member: Sandro Rivellino (sandman316)12/05/22 06:41 PM
113.saskvidkidFormat: Pac-Man: Points [ACS]12/31/23 09:52 AM
114.scoopworldMember: Jason Rodriguez (JasonR)09/28/21 12:39 AM
115.shagrathScore: Mortal Kombat07/15/24 06:32 PM
116.Shawnestar25Score: Puzzle Bobble01/05/23 07:59 PM
117.sidseattleArcade Locations, World Records and More!07/02/24 01:51 PM
118.SkogulFormat: Mr. Do's Castle: Points07/15/24 06:37 PM
119.smith11jFormat: Missing In Action M.I.A.: Points06/07/24 06:17 PM
120.smoke4659Account Settings: David Gomez10/09/21 02:10 PM
121.SomeDude1316Score: Tetris: The Grand Master12/18/21 11:46 PM
122.Sophia09leViewing Topic: Multiplayer role-playing games (RPG)01/27/22 06:43 AM
123.Steve WFormat: Leprechaun: Points04/08/24 11:40 PM
124.StevieDubs9109Score: Judge Dredd (Shooter)07/12/24 11:58 PM
125.Strider-RyuMember: Norbert Vale (Strider-Ryu)08/18/23 02:59 AM
126.sypthLocation: Back to the 80s Arcade06/12/22 03:33 PM
127.tbone1519Score: High Seas Havoc07/15/24 09:04 PM
128.Th0rnyThumbzBrowse Locations11/04/21 01:52 PM
129.The Kombat KingScore: Mortal Kombat02/03/24 07:21 PM
130.The_ProFormat: Battle Circuit: Points11/08/23 01:41 AM
131.thumper9pjfLocation: Underground Retrocade07/12/24 12:01 AM
132.tim hettMessaging04/25/23 10:06 PM
133.tkkalvermMember: Tim Vermeulen (tkkalverm)07/15/24 07:07 PM
134.tmbr_wulfMessaging12/01/21 09:43 AM
135.toothrotMember: MCD (toothrot)08/09/23 04:33 PM
136.Trick8819Arcade Locations, World Records and More!01/10/23 02:12 AM
137.VastaneBrowse Games04/16/22 03:01 AM
138.WafflezJurassic Park : The Lost World07/15/24 03:51 PM
139.wflimusicViewing Topic: New arcade games in database11/27/23 01:38 AM
140.xelniaAccount Settings: Jeremy Young03/07/23 10:35 PM
141.YourponydiedBrowse Locations11/25/23 12:15 AM
142.yuppicideTournament: Pinball Expo 2022 7 Game10/22/22 09:00 PM
143.YuYuYuukiBrowse Games07/08/24 08:52 PM
144.zaz_cagArcade Locations, World Records and More!07/15/24 12:39 PM
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